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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

must be mandated: quality education for all, health care for all, and an end to poverty at home.  Presidents and their teams must be elected for their ability to govern rather than campaign.  OSINT will make all of this possible, sooner than later if a national Open Source Agency is created as a new fourth branch of government, independent of Congress and the Executive, with a lifetime appointment for its Director, and a Board of Directors comprised of former Presidents, Leaders of the Senate and House, and retired Supreme Court Justices.

OSINT and Strategic Budgetary Reform

Finally, we come to budgetary reform.  OSINT has already made it clear that we have a Department of Defense costing $500 billion a year (not counting the cost of the war in Iraq) that is relevant to only 10% of the threat (state on state warfare), that is largely incompetent at small wars and homeland defense, and that we are, as a Republic, not investing properly in peaceful preventive measures inclusive of the spread of participatory democracy and moral capitalism.  The RoI on our “Big War” military is not only not there, the existence of that Big War force leads ignorant Presidents and their mendacious Vice Presidents to seek out wars as an option for capturing “cheap” oil (never mind the cost in blood, spirit, and treasure).  The American Republic specifically, and all other countries, are long over-due for what I call “reality-based budgeting.”  OSINT will restore sanity and sensibility to the public treasury and how it is applied.

There is, in the immortal words of Arnie Donahue46 in 1992, “plenty of money for OSINT.”  There is also plenty of money for participatory democracy and moral capitalism.  Our problem has been that we have allowed the mandarins of secrecy to pretend to be informing the President, rather narrowly and very expensively, while failing to demand that the Republic develop a public intelligence capability suitable for directing public policy and public spending in an intelligent sustainable manner.

Version 2.4 dated 7 April 2006

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