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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

9-11, the Iraq War, and the varied accomplishments—or crimes—of the Bush Administration may stand in history as a bright turning point in the history of the Republic.  One doubts that anything less might have awakened the somnolent public.


1  The “seven tribes” are a concept developed by the author and include government, military, law enforcement, business, academia, the ground truth tribe (non-governmental organizations and the media), and the civil sector tribe (citizen advocacy groups and societies, labor unions, and religions).

2  This term, “Revolution in Intelligence Affairs,” is abused by loosely-educated individuals who know nothing of revolution and little of all-source intelligence.  For a critique of the abuse of the term, and a discussion of the three options for intelligence reform, see the author’s “Intelligence Affairs: Evolution, Revolution, or Reactionary Collapse,” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence 19/1 (Spring 2006).  In a forthcoming issue the author comments on “Intelligence in Denial.”

3  NIC: National Intelligence Council.  EOP: Executive Office of the President.  It is important to observe that the Global Knowledge organization, now called an Open Source Agency, is intended to be completely independent of both Presidential and Congressional manipulation.    This chart is discussed in more detail in the final section on Governance Reform.  This illustration is drawn from “Citizen in Search of a Leader” as prepared 8 January 2003 and posted to www.oss.net.   Additional detail on each reform domain can be found in that document.

4  This is a practical professional discourse on OSINT, not a political diatribe, but it is essential for those who have the most to gain from OSINT, citizens, to understand that the extremist Republicans have driven out the moderate Republicans (including the author) while the inept

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