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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

companies.  This is a single specific example of where retrospective impeachments would be appropriate as a means of putting all elected officials that they will be held accountable not just today, but into the future as their treasonous betrayal of the public trust becomes known.

7  There are 20,000 pages on OSINT at www.oss.net, and a one-page list of key familiarization links covering history, context, practice, policy, and reference are at www.oss.net/BASIC.  To this day, the secret intelligence world refers with disdain to OSINT as “Open Sores.”

8  The single best book on the cost of the Cold War is Derek Leebaert’s The Fifty-Year Wound: How America's Cold War Victory Has Shaped Our World (Back Bay Books, 2003).  Chalmers Johnson has written two books in this genre, the first and most recent more methodical than the second: The Sorrows of Empire : Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic (Metropolitan Books, 2004), and Blowback : The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (Owl, 2004 re-issue).  See my partial list of books on blowback at http://tinyurl.com/qrcdu.  An entire literature on “why people hate America” has been developing, along with US-based critiques of immoral capitalism and virtual colonialism.

9  General Alfred M. Gray, Commandant of the Marine Corps, “Global Intelligence Challenges in the 1990’s,” in American Intelligence Journal (Winter 1988-1989).  Despite four years of effort by the Marine Corps, the National Foreign Intelligence Board (NFIB) and the Military Intelligence Board (MIB) refused to address General Gray’s recommendations that we change our priorities from worst-case least probably to most probable emerging threats, and that we invest in open sources.  Had we done so from 1988-2000, in those twelve years we would probably have collected enough open sources in Arabic and other languages to understand the threat represented by Bin Laden in terms compelling enough—because they were public—to mandate sustained effective action by all relevant national capabilities.

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