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Draft Chapter for Strategic Intelligence

soon joined by the Collective Intelligence movement that has also been referred to as “smart mobs” or “wisdom of the crowds,” or “world brain.”  H. G. Wells conceptualized a world brain in the 1930’s.  Qunicy Wright conceptualized a world intelligence center in the 1950’s.  Others have written about smart nations, collective intelligence, global brain, and the seven tribes of intelligence.16

Although the U.S. Intelligence Community has individuals that respect the value of open sources of information, and every major commission since the 1940’s has in some form or another called for improved access to foreign language information that is openly available,  the reality is that today, in 2006, the United States of America (USA) continues to spend between $50 billion and $70 billion a year on secret collection, almost nothing on all-source sense-making or world-class analysis, and just over $250 million a year on OSINT.  This is nothing less than institutionalized lunacy.

The future history of secret intelligence is likely to feature its demise, but only after a citizen’s intelligence network is able to apply OSINT to achieve electoral, governance, and budgetary reform, with the result that secret intelligence waste and defense acquisition waste will be converted into “waging peace” with peaceful preventive measures and a massive focus on eliminating poverty, disease, and corruption, while enabling clean water, alternative energy, and collaborative behavior across all cultural boundaries.17


Requirements, or Requirements Definition, is the single most important aspect of the all-source intelligence cycle, and the most neglected.  Today, and going back into history,

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