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  • Interior partition walls shall be light-frame (2 × 4) wood construction. For multi-family buildings, the framing between floors will be 2 × 10 wood construction.

  • Masonry basement floor slabs and slab-on-grade foundations shall have 80% of floor area covered by R-2 carpet and pad and 20% of floor area directly exposed to room air.

Space Conditioning/Air Distribution Equipment

Space conditioning equipment type and efficiency for the BA Benchmark shall meet the following requirements:

  • For detached or attached single-family homes, or multi-family homes with individual space conditioning systems, the equipment type and efficiency for the Benchmark shall be based on the type of heating and air-conditioning equipment found in the Prototype, as shown in Table 5.

Table 5. Benchmark Space Conditioning Equipment Efficiencies

Prototype Equipment


Gas or Oil Fired Furnace Mobile Home Furnace

Heating Heating

Gas or Oil Fired Boiler (Except Gas Steam)


Gas Steam Boiler Gas Space Heater Other Non-Electric Boiler Gas Combination System Other Non-Electric Heating

Heating Heating Heating Heating Heating

Ground Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump (Split)

Air Source Heat Pump (Package)

Heating/ Cooling Heating/ Cooling Heating/ Cooling

Other Electric** or No System Split System Air Conditioner

Heating Cooling

Single Package Air Conditioner


Room Air Conditioner


Benchmark Space Conditioning Device

78% AFUE* Gas Furnace 75% AFUE Gas Furnace 80% AFUE Gas Boiler 75% AFUE Gas Steam Boiler 74% AFUE Gas Space Heater 80% AFUE Gas Boiler 78% AFUE Gas Furnace 78% AFUE Gas Furnace

    • 6.8

      HSPF/10 SEER Air Source Heat Pump

    • 6.8

      HSPF/10 SEER Air Source Heat Pump

    • 6.6

      HSPF/9.7 SEER Air Source Heat Pump

    • 6.8

      HSPF/10 SEER Air Source Heat Pump 10 SEER Air Conditioner

    • 9.7

      SEER Air Conditioner

9.0 EER Room Air Conditioner

Other Type or No Air Conditioner

  • *

    Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency


10 SEER Air Conditioner

** For Prototypes with electric resistance heating, the Benchmark shall have a 6.8 HSPF/10 SEER air source heat pump for both heating and cooling, regardless of the cooling system in the Prototype.

  • For centralized systems in multi-family homes, the Benchmark shall have individual systems with the characteristics shown in Table 5. The space heating distribution system shall be the same (e.g. baseboard heating, radiant floor), but the cooling distribution in the Benchmark shall always be forced-air.


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