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BM’s role includes:- working with communities, to start talking the language of mental health, making the service offered culturally more relevant, to provide training and to improve the quality of information available and to achieve a decent influence.  

BM said that there is going to be a Mental Health Day on Saturday 27th October to highlight the mental health service in this area and to bring carers together for an informal event.  The aim is also to find all the people who feel unsupported or with no where to go.  There will be music, and food and a chance to discuss issues of concern.  The teams working on this day will be taking details from people that attend so that they can contact them again after the event.    

BMeeson said that if people want more information then to contact her.


David Small (PCC Equalities Team) – Update on PCC Equalities Work

DS, Equalities Officer, introduced himself.  A main issue at present within the Council is HR and recruitment issues with the BME communities.  DS has been pushing this issue forward since the PRENO AGM in July and the issues that came to light then.  DS wants everyone to know that PCC are taking these issues seriously.  

The PCC Race Equality Scheme is being reviewed.  PCC are organising a Race Equality Scheme Consultation Event on Saturday 26th January 08 from 9.45am – 2.15pm at the Friendship Centre, Southsea.  If anyone wants to take part please contact Dave Small for further details.  DS hopes the day will bring in many BME community people and an action plan will come out of this day.  

April Brown (Special Constabulary) – Promoting Volunteering, Shopwatch and the Special Constabulary   

AB introduced herself and said that she is trying to recruit more Specials to join them.  Anyone joining would be fully trained at Netley Training Centre.  Part of AB’s remit is to increase numbers across Portsmouth.  There are approx. 40 volunteers in Portsmouth but they are looking for more recruits now over the age of 16 yrs who can give four or more hours per week.  This kind of work could be good for those trying to improve their skills i.e. Mums retraining for work.

Shopwatch are people trained as Special Constables but released for shop watch duties.  

TJaffer added that they also have combat training one weekend day every 6 months and people can specify where they work.  

Minutes by Soraya Ciccarone 15/10/07

PRENO, Unit 2, Victory Business Centre, Somers Road North, Portsmouth PO1 1PJ

Tel:  023 92 877189    Email:  info@preno.org.uk

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