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JP asked everyone to pass this information onto anyone else who they think may be interested.  

Lin Fisher (South Coast Money Line) – Promoting their Services to our BME Members     

LF, Outreach/Liaison Officer, introduced herself and said that South Coast Money Line had been set-up 7 years ago for those who can’t go to the banks for loans.  They offer home improvement loans and business loans.  A lot is being done with the Polish Communities at present.  What they find is that people who have been successful with businesses in their own countries can’t get loans here as they have no credit rating and this is where Moneyline can step-in.

They also offer Financial Education giving people the tools to manage their own money.  


NRalph enquired about illegal doorstep money lenders.  LF answered this and also added that Provident charge 497% interest!    

Personal loans upto £5K and Business loans upto £7.5K are available.

Andrew Whitehorn (Deputy Governor, Kingston Prison) – How Race Equality is managed within Kingston Prison, Portsmouth

AW introduced himself and also introduced Mike Donald, Race Equality Officer.  AW then presented the following slides:-     

Management of Race Equality at HM Prison Kingston – Portsmouth

Andy Whitehorn – Deputy Governor

Mike Donald – Race Equality Officer

Current Status

Kingston is Category ‘B’ Training Prison for Stage 2 Lifers

It holds 200 Prisoners of which 24% is BME

Who are all serving life sentences for a range of the most serious crimes i.e. Murder, Serious Sexual Assaults

They have all served between 3/5 years before they arrive at Kingston

And will serve between 3/6 years dependent on tariff length at Kingston

From Kingston they will normally move to a lower category ‘C’ training prison

Management Tools Available

Prison Service Order 2800 – Race Equality

Main Contents are:- Legal Obligations, Management of Race Equality, Impact Assessments, Racist incidents, Community engagement, Training & Communication

Standard 48 Race Equality Prisoners and Standard 62 Race Equality Staff – Auditable standards/baselines

Minutes by Soraya Ciccarone 15/10/07

PRENO, Unit 2, Victory Business Centre, Somers Road North, Portsmouth PO1 1PJ

Tel:  023 92 877189    Email:  info@preno.org.uk

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