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BFutcher asked about the age for visiting football teams?  They need to be 18 years and over.

JKirby enquired about job vacancies?  These are advertised in the News and would also always be sent to PRENO to circulate.  Kingston is fortunate that they don’t have problems with recruitment unlike some other prisons.

BMeeson enquired if they have good BME representation on the Advisory Board?  AW responded that they do.  

AW said that there are 81.5 thousand prisoners nationally and that the local prison for custody is Winchester.  HMP Kingston does have local men but mostly prisoners are dispersed nationally.  This is difficult but they do their best with this.  Inmates do have religious support and they are currently recruiting for an Iman.  They already have a Pagan and Christian representative and all faiths are catered for.  TJaffer added that faith issues are going to be further discussed at a later stage.

Paddy Bradley, PCC Head of School Standards, Update on EMAS

PB introduced himself and said that as well as JPitt retiring from EMAS there could also be others leaving the service i.e. Val Williams (Deputy Team Leader).  EMAS will be changing but at this stage they are not sure to which overall extent.  Their funding comes from a Government Ethnic Achievement grant of £201K.  In the last few years many more are needing the EMAS service but for 2008/9 they don’t yet know what they will receive as the grant has been frozen for the last three years by the Government.  

The Schools Budget Site of £300K is now also under severe pressure as PCC now needs to make big savings.  Also a number of one-off short-term projects are due to end in March 2008.  At the local level money is declining as to what goes into schools.  

At the outset not all languages are being supported in the city’s schools but only the ones most needed.

PCC will be supporting the EMAS service when JPitt retires but it is highly likely that EMAS will change.   

The Primary sector is more likely to use EMAS’s services than at secondary level and it is likely that schools will have to pay more for this service.  In April 2009 it is likely that the most significant changes will be noticed and there will be more gradual changes over the next year but the EMAS service will be maintained when JPitt retires.  

NRalph commented that those not supported in their minority language needs may miss out when they go into school.  Ruth Nabholz-Duncan enquired about consultation concerning this?  PB responded that the consultation period had not started yet but would in the next month or so.  

Minutes by Soraya Ciccarone 15/10/07

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