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Functional Skills: Mathematics – Entry Level 3

Sample Lesson Plan 2 – Festival Assignment


Teacher Activity

Learner Activity


60 - 90 minutes

15 mins

10 mins

15 mins

30 mins

30- 40 mins

Task 2 in assignment

Calculating the travel cost of renting the tents for the festival

Tutor explains and describes the tent hire prices and ask then to calculate the cost of a tent for 2 answers are checked

Learners attention is brought to festival weekend poster and explains to the learners about offers and questions the differences

Open up discussion with learners as to which options they would choose and why and get the learners to reason out the problem through discussion

Tutor ask the learners to calculate ticket prices separately and tent prices separately and work out the cost

Now learners are asked to calculate the differences in prices

Checking procedures are also reinforced  using simple division and multiplication

Learners then work on task 2 questions 1 - 4

Learners will read and extract information from tables to calculate the cost of tent hire, and also look at the festival poster

Learners participate in activity

Learners respond to questions

Learners would discuss the steps needed to take to work out the calculations

Learners participate in the activity

After working through different examples learners will work on task 1 Q 1-4

Pens, paper pencils, calculator

Assignment and resource document

Wipe board flipchart as required

Problem solving help sheets

Times table grids

Multiplication sheets

Break Time/New Session

Functional Skills: Mathematics

Entry Level 3 – Sample Lesson Plan 2 2010/2011

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