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Functional Skills: Mathematics – Entry Level 3

Sample Lesson Plan 2 – Festival Assignment


Teacher Activity

Learner Activity


60 – 90 mins

10 mins

15/20 mins

50/60 mins

Task 3 in assignment

Calculating the travel times required

Tutor explains the importance of managing time correctly and the consequences of being late various examples are given e.g. late for interview, calculating approximate time from local places A-B or journey times to from centre of how to accurately

Learners are asked what time they get up in the morning this is recorded on flip chart

Learners are asked to write down the steps it takes to get to the centre from first getting up and putting the time it takes alongside each step the aim is for learners to realise how easy they could be and are sometimes late arriving in centre

Learners are shown the map and travel time in minutes to and from various points the tutor ask them other questions e.g. how long from train station to camp then onto stage

Where required reinforcement of the 60 minute clock will need to be explained/reminded

Learners complete task 3 Q 1-4

Learners will read and extract information from tables and diagrams  to show how they can manage time effectively

Learners participate in activity

Learners participate in activity

Learners complete own route to centre using sheet provided

Learners asked to calculate a few times to ensure that they understand the task

Activity surrounding times is used as and when appropriate

Pens, paper pencils, calculator

Assignment and resource document

Wipe board flipchart as required

Travel planning sheets

Time and clock activities if required

Review and Close

Check on Learners’ Learning

Functional Skills: Mathematics

Entry Level 3 – Sample Lesson Plan 2 2010/2011

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