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What is Subscription Service

Paratransit Subscription service is for RIDE customers who make a trip reservation, which starts at the same place and ends at the same destination at the same time, three or more days a week. You may request to have these trips automatically scheduled, which eliminates the need to call in advance for each trip. Call your Contractor to request this service.

Note: Subscription service is subject to availability. This service is not provided on Holidays.

Keep Your Profile Current

If you have a change in your mobility status, i.e. walker to wheelchair, acquired a service animal, etc., or you have moved, changed your phone number, have a new emergency contact, changed your name or Email address, etc. we ask that you contact OTA and provide the updated information to us.  Family members are also urged to call us when a customer is deceased.

Driver Assistance

In order to properly serve our RIDE customers, all drivers have received sensitivity and safety training.  If you are a wheelchair or scooter user, the driver will apply the MBTA supplied body belt immediately upon greeting you. Your driver will assist you to and from the vehicle by providing door-to-door service. However, a driver is not allowed to enter any buildings beyond the main door or lobby area.  She or he will assist individuals in manual wheelchairs over one curb and/or step.  They are not permitted to carry an individual or their mobility devices.  The driver will assist you to board the vehicle. Even when you are accompanied by a PCA, the driver will assist you with boarding and disembarking the vehicle.  The driver will also fasten and unfasten seatbelt/shoulder harnesses as part of the vehicle’s wheelchair/scooter securement system.  All passengers in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt.  If you or your guest has packages, the driver will assist with a manageable number of shopping bags, to the door of your destination.   Assistance with 3 pieces of luggage per person, not to exceed 40 lbs. each, will be provided for you and your PCA.  Keep in mind that you are using a shared-ride service and space is limited.

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