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Copyright © March 2002, Candle Corporation, a California corporation. All rights reserved. International rights secured.

Threaded Environment for AS/400, Patent No. 5,504,898; Data Server with Data Probes Employing Predicate Tests in Rule Statements (Event Driven Sampling), Patent No. 5,615,359; MVS/ESA Message Transport System Using the XCF Coupling Facility, Patent No. 5,754,856; Intelligent Remote Agent for Computer Performance Monitoring, Patent No. 5,781,703; Data Server with Event Driven Sampling, Patent No. 5,809,238; Threaded Environment for Computer Systems Without Native Threading Support, Patent No. 5,835,763; Object Procedure Messaging Facility, Patent No. 5,848,234; End-to-End Response Time Measurement for Computer Programs, Patent No. 5,991,705; Communications on a Network, Patent Pending; Improved Message Queuing Based Network Computing Architecture, Patent Pending; User Interface for System Management Applications, Patent Pending.

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OMEGAMON II for DBCTL Historical Component (EPILOG) Reference Manual Version 510

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