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FNCB Latch

GCMD Latch

GEN1 Latch

HDSM Latch

IRLM Conflict Wait


IMS Waits

The sync point processing function requests the Fast Path sync lock in share mode. All other activities require the lock to be held in exclusive mode.

The collector found the application program processing the thread waiting for the FNCB latch.

The FNCB latch serializes access to the notify control block chain. The notify facility is used for communication by various functions like opening or closing a DEDB, and IMS commands.

The collector found the thread waiting for the GCMD latch. The GCMD latch is the global command latch.

The collector found the thread waiting for a generic latch.

The generic latch is a class of latches which currently consists of the DMBE (data management block) and DBBP (database buffer pool) latches. The latches are generic in that there is one DMBE latch for each DMB defined to the IMS system, and one DBBP latch for each subpool used by the ISAM/OSAM buffer handler.

The collector found the thread waiting for the HDSM latch. The HDSM latch serializes processing of DL/I HD space management operations.

The collector found the thread waiting for a response to a request the thread issued to the IRLM address space.

This wait reason can appear when there is a database conflict or when IRLM is waiting for internal IRLM processing.

The collector found that the thread executed an ISWITCH macro. The thread is still executing, but in the IMS control region instead of in the CICS region.

This wait reason occurs whenever a thread needs the services of the DBCTL region. When this happens, the thread gets ISWITCHed to CTL and waits to request the service it needs from the control region TCB. The wait is longer if the TCB itself is waiting for control of the CPU (for example, if the control region has a high paging rate).

Bottleneck Analysis Execution States


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