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Base Maintenance Plan

and maintenance delivery to correct appropriate documentation or product code errors.


In order to facilitate the support process, Candle also provides eSupport, an electronic full-service information and customer support facility, using the World Wide Web at www.candle.com/support/. eSupport allows you to open a new service request and update existing service requests, as well as update information in your customer profile. New and updated service requests are queued to a support technician for immediate action. And we can respond to your request electronically or by telephoneit is your choice.

eSupport also contains a continually expanding knowledge base that customers can tap into at any time for self-service access to product and maintenance information.

The Candle Web Site and eSupport can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using your authorized Candle user ID and password.

Description of Candle severity levels

Responses to customer-reported product issues and usage questions are prioritized within Candle according to Severity Code assignment. Customers set their own Severity Levels when contacting a support center. This ensures that we respond according to your individual business requirements.

Severity 1 Crisis

A crisis affects your ability to conduct business, and no procedural workaround exists. The system or application may be down.

Severity 2 High

A high-impact problem indicates significant business effect to you. The program is usable but severely limited.

Severity 3 Moderate

A moderate-impact problem involves partial, non-critical functionality loss or a reasonable workaround to the problem. A fixmay be provided in a future release.

Severity 4 Low

A low-impact problem is a how-toor an advisory question.

Severity 5 Enhancement Request

This is a request for software or documentation enhancement. Our business units review all requests for possible incorporation into a future release of the product.

Guide to Candle Customer Support


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