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Base Maintenance Plan

Candle has established the following service-level objectives:

Call Status

Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Severity 4

Severity 5






First Call Time to Answer

90% within one minute

Level 1 Response

(Normal Business Hours)

90% within 5 minutes

90% within one hour

Level 2 Response

(Normal Business Hours)

Warm Transfer

90% within two hours

90% within eight hours

Scheduled follow-up (status update)

Hourly or as

Daily or as



Weekly or as agreed

Notification is made when an enhancement is incorporated into a generally available product.

Notification is made when a fix is incorporated into a generally available product.

The above information is for guideline purposes only. Candle does not guarantee or warrant the above service levels. This information is valid as of October 1999 and is subject to change without prior notice.

Recording and Monitoring Calls for Quality Purposes

Candle is committed to customer satisfaction. To ensure that our customers receive high levels of service, quality and professionalism, well monitor and possibly record incoming and outgoing Customer Support calls. The information gleaned from these calls will help us serve you better. If you prefer that your telephone call with Candle Customer Support in North America not be monitored or recorded, please advise the representative when you call us at (800) 328-1811 or (310) 535-3636.

Customer Support Escalations

Candle Customer Support is committed to achieving high satisfaction ratings from our customers. However, we realize that you may occasionally have support issues that need to be escalated to Candle management. In those instances, we offer the following simple escalation procedure:

If you experience dissatisfaction with Candle Customer Support at any time, please escalate your concern by calling the Candle support location closest to you. Ask to speak to a Customer Support manager. During standard business hours, a Customer Support manager will be available to talk with you or will return your call. If you elect to hold for a manager, you will be connected with someone as soon as possible. If you wish a return call, please tell the Candle representative coordinating your call when you will be available. After contacting you, the Customer Support manager will develop an action plan to


OMEGAMON II for DBCTL Historical Component (EPILOG) Reference Manual Version 510

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