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Interface Operation

Interface Operation


In normal operation, you do not need to issue commands to the interface. Sufficient defaults are built into the system so that all necessary actions will be taken automatically once you start the interface. For this reason, the operation of the interface can be, and usually is, totally transparent to you. The purpose of this section is merely informational: to acquaint you with the functions and facilities of the interface so you can use them if necessary.

The interface (KOIIA00) runs in its own address space. Not only the interface, but also the three collectors, are isolated from the IMS address space. They do not use any virtual storage space within the IMS control regions private area.

Starting the interface

The startup parameter to KOIIA00 determines which IMS system to monitor based on the IMSID. When you start the interface, it checks the dispatching sequence of address spaces to ensure that the interface precedes IMS. If it does not, the interface issues a warning message to the console and continues to work. The interface must have a higher priority than IMS for the Collector to produce accurate values. See the Configuration and Customization Guide for a description of the necessary JCL.

The interface has two MVS MODIFY IDs; one is an MVS ID that detects when IMS terminates, and the other is an internal MVS ID.

The first ID can be addressed by the MVS operator console and can accept MVS STOP and MODIFY commands. These commands terminate the OMEGAMON II address space.

The internal ID accepts only MVS MODIFY commands from an MVS operator console, not MVS STOP commands.

The interface creates an internal ID for itself by prefixing two characters to the IMSID of the IMS system it is monitoring. It notifies MVS that it will accept MVS MODIFY commands addressed to that ID. The default prefix is M0. If you run your IMS control region with an IMSID of IMSA, the interface asks MVS to pass it all MVS MODIFY commands entered for the ID of M0IMSA. The interface processes only MVS MODIFY commands; it rejects MVS STOP commands for the internal ID and displays an error message.

Startup commands

When the interface starts, it first automatically executes a series of commands. These are in member KOImpP00 in the RKANPAR library. You receive a default series of commands which you can modify (see the Configuration and Customization Guide).

Collector Operation


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