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New Publications O ered by the AMS

maps. By reading this volume, and the accompanying volume on algebraic and analytic aspects of singularities, the reader should gain an appreciation for the depth, breadth, and beauty of the subject and also find a rich source of questions and problems for future study.

Contents: S. Altinok and M. Bhupal, Minimal page-genus of Milnor open books on links of rational surface singularities; D. Chéniot, Homotopical variation; J. L. Cisneros-Molina, Join theorem for polar weighted homogeneous singularities; H. H. Vui and N. T. Thang, On the topology of polynomial functions on algebraic surfaces in n; H. A. Hamm, On theorems of Zariski-Lefschetz type; L. Hernández de la Cruz and S. López de Medrano, Some families of isolated singularities; D. Kerner, On the collisions of singular points of complex algebraic plane curves; L. Meersseman and A. Verjovsky, Sur les variétés LV-M; F. Michel, Jacobian curves for normal complex surfaces; M. Oka, Geometry of pencil of plane curves via Taylor expansions; P. Popescu-Pampu, On the cohomology rings of holomorphically fillable manifolds; R. N. Araújo dos Santos, Uniform (m)-condition and strong Milnor fibrations; M. Shubladze, On the topology of hyperplane singularities of finite codimension; C. Weber, On the topology of


Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 475

Titles in this series are co-published with International Press, Cambridge, MA.

Contents: O. J. Ganor, Pu and P. Phillips, Mottness

field theory; R. G. Leigh, T.-P. Choy, and strong coupling; A. C. Petkou,

Holographic aspects of generalized electric-magnetic dualities; S. R. Das, Null and spacelike singularities and gauge-gravity duality; K. R. Dienes, M. Lennek, D. Sénéchal, and V. Wasnik, Is

SUSY natural?; N. Kaloper, Brane induced gravity: Codimension-2; A. Hamilton, D. Kabat, G. Lifschytz, and D. A. Lowe, Local bulk operators in AdS/CFT and the fate of the BTZ singularity; L.-S. Tseng, Heterotic geometry and fluxes; L. Freidel, R. G. Leigh, D. Minic, and A. Yelnikov, On the spectrum of pure Yang-Mills theory; V. Balasubramanian, J. de Boer, S. El-Showk, and I. Messamah, Resolving black hole microstates; A. Tomasiello, Geometry of supersymmetric type II solutions; F. Larsen, Resolving

gravitational singularities; E. Sharpe, Recent developments in heterotic compactifications; V. Braun, M. Kreuzer, B. A. Ovrut, and E. Scheidegger, Worldsheet instantons and torsion curves.

AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics, Volume 44

December 2008, 244 pages, Softcover, ISBN: 978-0-8218-4764-0, LC 2008039170, 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 81T30, 83E30, AMS members US$52, List US$65, Order code AMSIP/44

December 2008, 251 pages, Softcover, ISBN: 978-0-8218-4717-6, LC 2008028179, 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14B05, 14E15, 14J17, 32Sxx, 34M35, 35A20, AMS members US$63, List US$79, Order code CONM/475

Mathematical Physics

Fourth Summer School in Analysis and Mathematical Physics

Topics in Spectral Theory and Quantum Mechanics

Advances in String Theory

The First Sowers Workshop in Theoretical Physics

Eric Sharpe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, VA, and Arthur Greenspoon, American Mathematical Society, Ann Arbor, MI, Editors

Over the past decade string theory has had an increasing impact on many areas of physics: high energy and hadronic physics, gravitation and cosmology, mathematical physics and even condensed matter physics. The impact has been through many major conceptual and methodological developments in quantum field theory in the past fifteen years. In addition, string theory has exerted a dramatic influence on developments in contemporary mathematics, including Gromov–Witten theory, mirror symmetry in complex and symplectic geometry, and important ramifications in enumerative geometry.

Carlos Villegas-Blas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico, Editor

This book consists of three expository articles written by outstanding researchers in mathematical physics: Rafael Benguria, Peter Hislop, and Elliott Lieb. The articles are based on their lectures at the Fourth Summer School in Analysis and Mathematical Physics, held at the Institute of Mathematics, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Cuernavaca in May 2005.

The main goal of the articles is to link the basic knowledge of a graduate student in Mathematics with three current research topics in Mathematical Physics: Isoperimetric inequalities for eigenvalues of the Laplace Operator, Random Schrödinger Operators, and Stability of Matter, respectively.

These well written articles will guide and introduce the reader to current research topics and will also provide information on recent progress in some areas of Mathematical Physics.

This book is co-published with Sociedad Matematica Mexicana.

Contents: R. D. Benguria and H. Linde, Isoperimetric inequalities for eigenvalues of the Laplace operator; P. D. Hislop, Lectures on random Schrödinger operators; E. H. Lieb, Quantum mechanics, the stability of matter and quantum electrodynamics.

This volume is derived from a conference of younger leading practitioners around the common theme: “What is string theory?” The talks covered major current topics, both mathematical and physical, related to string theory.

This item will also be of interest to those working in algebra and algebraic geometry.

Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 476

December 2008, 148 pages, Softcover, ISBN: 978-0-8218-4064-1, LC 2008028976, 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 81-02, 82D30, 35P05, 81Q99, AMS members US$39, List US$49, Order code CONM/476


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