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Civil War CD-ROM: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

Collects and reproduces Union and Confederate battle reports, orders, telegrams, dispatches, and statistical reports on casualties. MAIN E491 .U6. Note that the CD-ROM does NOT include the companion sets,

(MAIN E491 .U58) or the

(REF, MAIN-OV, and Spec Coll E491




Indexes the OR by geographic area, theater of operations, or specific place or engagement. REF

E470 .U63. Dyer, Frederick H.


Provides information on organization, engagements, officers, and mustering out of all Union

regiments, batteries, and battalions. REF E491 .D99. Fox. William F. Provides statistical and narrative data on wartime casualties, primarily for Union units. Considered somewhat outdated and inaccurate by recent scholars. MAIN-OV E491 .F79.

An excellent guide to the use of Civil War records can also be found in . REF E 456 .A47.

Ask at the Reference Desk to have the Civil War disk loaded for searching (Note: there is a second Civil War CD-ROM that contains newspaper accounts; be sure you ask for the correct disk.) Students who have not used this CD-ROM previously are encouraged to make an appointment with the history

librarian for help in beginning their research. Click on the Shortcut labeled

to begin your research. The program will

open to a split search screen with files and folders on the left and the main search window on the right.

You can

through texts by opening folders and files on the left menu. For example, you could

browse through Series II of the OR (Prisoners of War) by clicking on the AOR folder and then clicking

on the folder for Series II. These folders of works, volumes, and chapters are called in this


Most students, however, will want to

for specific names or words in the reports. You can search

through the entire disk for a term or combination of terms, or you can specify that only a particular (book, book section, or individual report) be searched.

To search the entire disk, simply enter your search in the query box. To search a specific collection or topic, click on the left menu to open that folder or file and then enter your search in the query box.

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