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H.When I expect we are going to have an argument, I will try to move to a space that is lowest risk, such as __________________________________-.  (Try to avoid arguments in the bathroom, garage, kitchens, near weapons or in rooms without access to an outside door.)

I.I will use my judgment and intuition.  If the situation is very serious, I can give my partner what he/she wants to calm him/her down.  I have to protect myself until I/we are out of danger.

Step 2:  Safety when preparing to leave.  Battered women frequently leave the residence they share with the battering partner.  Leaving must be done with a careful plan in order to increase safety.  Batterers often strike back when they believe that a battered woman is leaving a relationship.

I can use some or all of the following safety strategies:

A.I will leave money and an extra set of keys with _____________________ so I can leave quickly.

B.I will keep copies of important documents or keys at _______________________________________________________________


C.I will open a separate checking and/or savings account by ________________________________________, to increase my independence.

D.Other things I can do to increase my independence include: __________________





E.The domestic violence program’s hotline number is ________________________;.  I can seek shelter by calling this hotline.

F.I can keep change for phone calls on me at all times.  I understand that if I use my telephone credit card, the following month the telephone bill will tell my batterer those numbers that I called after I left.  To keep my telephone communications confidential, I must either use coins or I might get a friend to permit me to use their telephone credit card for a limited time when I first leave.

G.I will check with ____________________________ and ______________________________to see who would be able to let me stay with them or lend me some money.

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