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I.I can inform ________________________________________________________(neighbor),

__________________________________________________________(pastor), and

__________________________________________________________(friend) that my partner no longer resides with me and they should call the police if he is observed near my residence.


If I talk to my abuser on the phone I can protect myself by ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Step 4:  Safety with a protection order.  Many batterers obey protection orders, but one can never be sure which violent partner will obey and which will violate protection orders.  I recognize that I may need to ask the police and the courts to enforce my protection order.

The following are some steps that I can take to help the enforcement of my protection order:

A.I will keep my protection order _____________________________ (location).  (Always keep it on or near your person.  If you change purses, that’s the first thing that should go in.)

B.I will give my protection order to police departments in the community where I work, in those communities where I usually visit family or friends, and in the community where I live.

C.There should be a county registry of protection orders that all police departments can call to confirm a protection order.  I can check to make sure that my order is in the registry.  The telephone number for the county registry of protection orders is _________________________________________________________.

D.I can call the local domestic violence program if I am not sure about B or C above or if I have some problem with my protection order.

E.I will inform my employer, my minister, my closest friend and ___________________ and ____________________________ that I have a protection order in effect.  I will provide a photograph of the perpetrator to reception areas and/or security.

F.If my partner destroys my protection order, I can get another copy from the courthouse located at _________________________________________.

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