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G.If my partner violates the protection order, I can call the police and report a violation, contact my attorney, call my advocate, and/or advise the court of the violation.

H.If the police do not help, I can contact my domestic violence advocate or attorney and will file a complaint with the chief of the police department.

I.I can also file a private criminal complaint with the district justice in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred or with the district attorney.  I can charge my battering partner with a violation of the protection order and all the crimes that he commits in violating the order.  I can call the domestic violence advocate to help me with this.

Step 5:  Safety on the job and in public.  Each battered woman must decide if and when she will tell others that her partner has battered her and that she may be at continued risk.  Friends, family and co-workers can help to protect women.  Each woman should consider carefully which people to invite to help secure her safety.

I might do any or all of the following:

A.I can inform my boss, the security supervisor and ___________________________ __________________at work of my situation.

B.I can ask ____________________________________ to help screen my telephone calls at work, and review my parking lot situation and work schedule for possible changes.

C.When leaving work, I can ________________________________________________________________


D.When driving home if problems occur, I can


E.If I use public transit, I can ________________________________________________


F.I can use different grocery stores and shopping malls to conduct my business and shop at hours that are different than those when residing with my battering partner.

G.I can use a different bank and take care of my banking at hours different from those I used when residing with my battering partner.

H.   ______________________ will be my emergency contact should my employer be unable to contact me.

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