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6.The activity limit for an exempt consignment for mixtures of radionuclides may be determined as follows.


f(i) = the fraction of activity of radionuclide I in the mixture

A = the activity limit for exempt consignments for radionuclide I

F.When the identity of each radionuclide is known, but the individual activities of some of the radionuclides are not known, the radionuclides may be grouped, and the lowest A1 or A2 value, as appropriate, for the radionuclides in each group may be used in applying the formulas in Subsection E. Groups may be based on the total alpha activity and the total beta/gamma activity when these are known, using the lowest A1 or A2 values for the alpha emitters and beta/gamma emitters.

AUTHORITY NOTE:Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 30:2104 and 2113.

HISTORICAL NOTE:Promulgated by the Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Environmental Assessment, Environmental Planning Division, LR 26:1270 (June 2000), amended LR 27:2233 (December 2001), LR 28:997 (May 2002), LR 29:701 (May 2003), LR 30:752 (April 2004), amended by the Office of Environmental Assessment, LR 31:920 (April 2005), amended by the Office of the Secretary, Legal Affairs Division, LR 32:604 (April 2006), LR 33:641 (April 2007), LR 34:867 (May 2008), LR 34:2114 (October 2008).

Herman Robinson, CPM

Executive Counsel



Department of Environmental Quality

Office of the Secretary

Legal Affairs Division

Secondary Containment for UST Systems (LAC 33:XI.103, 301, 303, 403, 507, 509, 701, 703, and 903)(UT014)

Under the authority of the Environmental Quality Act, R.S. 30:2001 et seq., and in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, R.S. 49:950 et seq., the secretary has amended the Underground Storage Tanks regulations, LAC 33:XI.103, 301, 303, 403, 507, 509, 701, 703, and 903 (Log #UT014).

This rule requires owners and/or operators of UST systems to install secondary containment with new installations or replacements of tanks and/or piping, and also to install under-dispenser containment and submersible pump containment, after December 20, 2008. The rule also requires the installation of secondary containment for certain repairs to tanks or piping made after December 20, 2008. The difference between “replacement” and “repair” is clarified. The federal 2005 Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act, which amends Section 9003 of Subtitle I of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, mandates states authorized to administer the Underground Storage Tank Program to

take certain actions to reduce the incidence of leaking USTs. One such action is to require that USTs installed in the state have secondary containment. This action must be implemented to maintain federal funding of the UST program in the state and to maintain federal delegation of the UST program. This will further enhance our effort to maintain protection of human health and the environment. The basis and rationale for this rule are to comply with the federal guidelines required by the 2005 Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act. This rule meets an exception listed in R.S. 30:2019(D)(2) and R.S. 49:953(G)(3); therefore, no report regarding environmental/health benefits and social/economic costs is required.

Title 33


Part XI.  Underground Storage Tanks

Chapter 1.Program Applicability and Definitions


A.For all purposes of these rules and regulations, the terms defined in this Section shall have the following meanings, unless specifically defined otherwise in LAC 33:XI.1105 or 1303.

* * *

Install or Installationthe process of placing a UST system in the ground and preparing it to be put into service.

* * *

Pipe or Pipinga hollow cylinder or tubular conduit that is constructed of non-earthen materials and that routinely contains and conveys regulated substances from a UST to a dispenser or other end-use equipment. Such piping includes any elbows, couplings, unions, valves, or other in-line fixtures that contain and convey regulated substances from the UST to the dispenser. This definition does not include vent, vapor recovery, or fill lines.

* * *

Replace or Replacementto remove an existing UST and install a new UST in substantially the same location as the removed tank, or to remove and replace 25 percent or more of piping associated with a single UST.

* * *

Secondary Containmenta containment system that utilizes an outer or secondary container or impervious liner designed to prevent releases of regulated substances from the primary container from reaching the surrounding environment for a time sufficient to allow for detection and control of the released product. Such systems include, but are not limited to, double-wall tanks and piping, jacketed tanks and piping that have an interstitial space that allows for interstitial monitoring, and any other such system approved by the department prior to installation.

* * *

Under-Dispenser Containmenta containment system beneath a dispenser designed to prevent releases of regulated substances from the dispenser or contained piping from reaching the surrounding environment for a time sufficient to allow for detection and control of the released product. Such containment must be liquid-tight on its sides, bottom, and at any penetrations, and must allow for visual inspection and access to the components in the containment system or be regularly monitored.

* * *

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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