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sites, an inventory of industrial parks with available building sites, a comprehensive existing business and industry report (regional overview, major employers, etc.), a comprehensive feature attraction report, a comprehensive new infrastructure report, comprehensive labor information, and a regional business development plan as described in §1709.C. LED, at its sole discretion, may also require additional deliverables from any region. The balance of regional funds available after the production of required core deliverables shall be spent based on a written plan submitted to and approved by LED. This plan will be approved by the issuance and execution of a cooperative endeavor agreement which will be drafted by LED after submission of a regional award application.

C.A forward looking regional business development plan that lists regional business development goals and objectives and that contains the following components at a minimum:

1.target industry sectors;
2.a marketing plan that will accomplish outreach to selected target industry sectors; and
3.a plan to secure local and regional funding support for the regional business development effort.

D.At a minimum, each regional association shall demonstrate to the secretary of LED that it is constituted by EDOs representing a majority of the parishes and a majority of the population in the region.

E.Notwithstanding population percentages for each region, the minimum funding for any region is $200,000 and the secretary of LED is empowered to place caps on the maximum amount of funding a regional EDO shall receive so as to ensure an appropriate distribution of resources.

F.At a minimum, each EDO identified by the regional association and approved by LED as the fiduciary agent for the region shall demonstrate the following to the secretary of LED:

1.that its core responsibility is to market and promote the recruitment of new and diversified businesses in accordance with a regional marketing plan;
2.that it has the capacity to administer the cooperative endeavor agreements (CEAs) for the region;
3.That it has the capacity to act as a fiscal agent for the funds made available to the region in accordance with the CEA;
4.That it is acting to market and promote regional economic development in accordance with a marketing plan as described in §1709.C.2.

G.LED and each EDO identified by the regional association and approved by LED as the fiduciary agent for the region shall enter into agreements that shall include deliverables, goals and objectives for projects to be funded with regional awards. In addition to deliverables, goals and objectives, and such other necessary terms and conditions as may be provided by the CEA between LED and the EDO; projects shall be funded only upon providing the following:

1.a detailed budget and complete description of fund use; 
2.demonstration that regional marketing initiatives are being addressed through the funding;
3.use of no more than 30 percent of the funding for eligible administrative costs and costs associated with economic development programs as specified in the LED
Tier 1 Eligible Uses section;
4.database, labor information, real estate information, industrial site and building surveys and selection and other empirical data obtained or used in connection with the award shall be provided to the LED for its research and data collection use;
5.the secretary of LED may vary the terms and conditions of the CEA with EDO’s including deliverables, goals and objectives and exhibits in order to accommodate extraordinary situations;
6.the agreement shall provide for submission of projects meeting the goals and objectives of the agreement by the EDO for advance approval by LED and for funding of the project by LED upon completion of the project and the submission by the EDO of the deliverables in accordance with the goals and objectives of the agreement.

H.Tier 1—LED Regional Funds—Eligible Uses

Tier 1―LED Regional Funds―Eligible Uses

Examples of eligible projects to be included by exhibit to the cooperative endeavor agreements between LED and the regional economic development associations:

Specific, time-limited research studies.

Purchases of demographic data including payment of yearly licensing fees.

Up to 30 percent of funds may be used for administrative costs and costs associated with economic development programs as delineated in the Tier 1 LED Regional Funds Ineligible Uses listed below (e.g. salaries, benefits, etc).

Promotion through inclusion in computer databases to targeted audiences such as relocation consultants.

Direct mail pieces to targeted audiences such as relocation consultants including related postage.

Participant registration, trade show exhibit fees and/or registration fees for events that support national or international strategic marketing events. Costs may include booth design, booth rental, and furniture rental for a tradeshow booth, booth construction, giveaway items or other show specific costs. Meals, lodging, per diem, and travel expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.

Registration fees for EDO staff members to attend professional development seminars and professional development conferences that are required as prerequisites for certification in the field of economic development. Registration fees may also be paid to attend continuing education classes needed to maintain certifications in the field of economic development. Meals, lodging, per diem and travel expenses are not eligible for reimbursement.

Production of printed materials, such as brochures and inserts.

Production of slide presentations, videotapes, DVDs and CD ROMs intended for dissemination to relocation consultants, corporate executives, or other industry or business representatives involved in expansion or relocations activities.

Advertising through mass media, including newspaper, magazines, radio, television, Internet and billboards.

Public relations expenses related to the production of an event, such as production of media kits, media training, ongoing media contact, on-site coordination of media, set-up of interview area and media room, and costs associated with special broadcast media set-up requirements.

Design of an Internet web site, not for ongoing Internet access or website hosting costs.

Familiarization tours for site location consultants visiting Louisiana. To be used for site location consultant related expenses only, and may include site location consultant travel, meals, lodging and event hosting expenses.

Professional fees and informational materials associated with building prospect development and prospect visit hosting capacity at the regional level.

Initial fees and yearly licensing and or subscription fees associated with region wide GIS systems.

Initial fees and yearly licensing and or subscription fees associated with systems supporting the regional business retention and expansion program.

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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