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Tier 1―LED Regional Funds―Eligible Uses

Professional fees to augment regional capacity supporting the regional business retention and expansion program

I.Tier 1—LED Regional Funds—Ineligible Uses

Tier 1―LED Regional Funds―Ineligible Uses

Examples of ineligible projects to be included by exhibit to the cooperative endeavor agreements between LED and the regional economic development associations:

Administrative salaries, benefits, general administrative costs, economic development program costs, and economic development program related salaries and benefits exceeding an aggregate of 20 percent of funds provided.

Administrative costs (e.g. salaries and benefits for accounting, finance, human resources, building management, and information technology functions, etc.) exceeding 10 percent of funds provided.


Overhead expenses (postage and shipping charges, office space, furniture, fixtures, equipment, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, utilities, general office software, etc.).

Travel, food, beverages, and/or lodging for any persons including volunteers and paid staff of economic development organizations.

Equipment purchases/rentals with the exception of those charges allowed for tradeshow booths as mentioned in the Tier 1 LED Regional Funds Eligible Uses section above.

Beauty pageants, parades, school advertising, local promotions, sponsorships and things of a similar nature.

Promotional items, unless part of an out-of-state marketing activity.

Stationery, toll-free numbers, membership solicitation literature.

Unreasonable and excessive agency costs that exceed  25 percent of the total cost for printed material (Agency costs are costs not billed directly from prepress, printing, illustrations or photography by vendors.).

Unreasonable or excessive technical costs.

Construction costs.

Activities or materials that violate the law.

Ongoing Internet access or web site hosting costs.

Organization membership directories and organization memberships.

In state event hosting, in state event sponsorship and venue rental charges.

In state conferences.

Alcoholic Beverages.

Infrastructure such as land, roads, utilities or buildings.

AUTHORITY NOTE:Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 36:104 and 36:108.

HISTORICAL NOTE:Promulgated by the Department of Economic Development, Office of the Secretary and Office of Business Development, LR 33:41 (January 2007), amended by the Department of Economic Development, Office of the Secretary, LR 35:

§1711.Matching Grant Awards (Tier 2)

A.The remainder of funds available shall be for matching grant awards (Tier 2). Any eligible EDO or a combination of eligible EDOs may apply to LED for a matching grant award which shall include deliverables, goals and objectives for the marketing and promotion of business and industrial development or for programs designed to increase or enhance local, regional or statewide economic development consistent with regional and statewide strategic marketing for such development. Matching grant awards applications demonstrating the use or development of new or innovative programs for the marketing and promotion of business and industrial

development shall be given a preference in determining suitability for matching grant awards.

1.Each EDO submitting an application for matching grant awards funding must inform the organization administering their regional award of the existence of the application for matching grant awards funding. Program rules shall not vest any regional EDO with the right to interfere with or prevent an eligible applicant from submitting a matching grant awards application or grant the regional EDO the power to deny the matching grant award application.

B.In reviewing the merits of matching grant awards applications, LED will also give preference to those applications that demonstrate a clear regional benefit (meaning a benefit for all parishes within a region as the region is defined by LED under the Tier 1 program) and those applications that provide for the use of cash as a matching contribution.

C.The award agreement may provide such terms and conditions as are necessary to the fulfillment of the purposes of the award and shall include the following terms and conditions:

1.the award may not exceed $150,000.
2.the award must be matched dollar for dollar or its equivalents by the EDO or combination of EDOs making application for the award;
3.a detailed budget and complete description of fund use; 
4.data, surveys and/ or other empirical information obtained or used in connection with the award shall be provided to the LED for its research and data collection use;
5.the secretary of LED may vary the terms and conditions of the award including deliverables, goals and objectives and exhibits in order to accommodate extraordinary situations.
6.applicants and awardees are not allowed to use monies appropriated by the state of Louisiana as a matching contribution. Applicants and awardees are not allowed to use Facility and Administrative overhead charges as a matching contribution to acquire Matching Grant Awards funding.

D.Tier 2—LED Matching Grant Awards Funds—Eligible Uses

Tier 2―LED Matching Grant Funds―Eligible Uses

Examples of eligible projects to be included by exhibit to the cooperative endeavor agreements between LED and the direct grant recipients:

Specific, time-limited research studies.

Purchases of demographic data including yearly licensing fees.

Promotion through inclusion in computer databases to targeted audiences such as relocation consultants.

Direct mail pieces to targeted audiences such as relocation consultants including related postage.

Participant registration, trade show exhibit fees and/or registration fees for events that support national or international strategic marketing events. Costs may include booth design, booth rental, and furniture rental for a tradeshow booth, booth construction, giveaway items or other show specific costs. Individual participant meals, travel, lodging or per diem costs are not eligible for reimbursement. LED may approve registration for in-state trade shows of national significance.

Registration fees for EDO staff members to attend professional development seminars and conferences that are required as prerequisites for certification in the field of economic development. Registration fees may also be paid

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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