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incapacity which precludes his appointment to a civil service job in his usual line of work or because of his death, the preference as defined in Sub-section (c) of this Rule, shall be available to this spouse, unremarried widow, or eligible parents as defined in Sub-section (c) of this Rule, in the order specified.

(e)Preference may be given only to persons who have attained marks on the tests which meet at least the minimum requirements imposed for each test and who have received at least the minimum rating required for eligibility.

(f)Repealed, effective January 1, 1975.

(g)Except for Subsection (c) (1) of this rule, service that is for the purpose of training only shall not be considered as qualifying service.

7.12Proof of Eligibility for Military Preference

Proof of eligibility of the preference provided for shall be furnished the Director by the person claiming the preference on the form prescribed by the Director for this purpose, together with such evidence as may be called for on the form.

7.13Results of Tests

The rating of each test shall be completed as soon as possible after the test is given and from the results of the tests for any class, the Director shall cause to be prepared an eligible list for the class with the names of those persons who have received at least the rating required for eligibility placed thereon in the order of such ratings from the highest to the lowest. Each person competing in any test shall be given written notice of his final earned rating, or his failure to attain a place on the list.

7.14Rating Candidate in Lower Classes than the One Applied for

Whenever a candidate has successfully passed an examination for which he has applied which includes questions on subject matter applicable to a lower class for which he has not applied, the Director may, with the consent of the candidate and his representation that he is available for appointment in the lower class, place his name on the eligible list for the lower class with the same final rating earned by him on the examination which he successfully passed.

7.15Repealed, effective April 20, 1981

7.16Regrading of Tests

Upon proper application to the Director, a competitor in an examination shall be entitled to have this test paper and rating reviewed. Any rating errors disclosed shall be corrected but such changes shall not per se invalidate any certification or appointment made from an eligible list.

7.17Establishment of Eligible Lists

(a)The Director shall, subject to the Rules, establish eligible lists from the results of Civil Service examinations. Such lists shall contain the names of all candidates who pass the related examinations.

(b)Eligibles shall be ranked on such lists in the relative order of the rating attained, including preference points, if any.

(c)The Director may authorize agencies to establish and make appointments from eligible lists for promotions, original probationary appointments and job appointments using guidelines established by the Director. When making appointments from in-house certificates under authority of this rule, agencies shall follow the same procedures as used

for Civil Service certificates as described in Rule 8.9 "Appointment of Eligibles From Certificates".

7.18Amended and reenacted effective December 17, 1957 as parts of Rules 7.1 and 7.17

7.19Amended and reenacted effective March 15, 1966 as part of Rule 7.9

7.20Noncompetitive Classes

(a)The Director, subject to the approval of the Commission, may designate such classes as unskilled labor, custodial workers, attendants, and similar classes as noncompetitive classes, and open competitive examinations are dispensed with for those classes. Appointment to these classes may be made of any qualified applicant.

(b)Repealed, effective January 1, 1975.

(c)The Director may waive competitive appointment requirements and approve the noncompetitive appointment of an applicant to a position provided such applicant:

1.Is a bona fide client of the State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program or the State Blind Services Program; and
2.Is certified by the respective rehabilitation program as qualified to perform the duties of the position without hazard to himself or others and to be handicapped to such an extent as to preclude proper participation in the usual competitive examination; and
3.Meets the minimum qualification requirements for the position.

(d)When the Director is consistently unable to provide agencies with lists of eligibles containing the names of more than five available applicants on continuously announced classes, the Director, with the approval of the Commission, may designate those classes as shortage classes and dispense with competitive examining procedures for those classes. In the event that these classes become competitive and the Director is able to provide agencies with lists of available applicants, the Director may reinstitute competitive examining procedures.

(e)When testing for a class is impractical either because of situations of an emergency nature, or because of situations that require considerable graduate education in a formal body of knowledge and professional testing prior to legal licensing and practice of a profession, the Director may, with approval of the Commission, dispense with competitive examining procedures for those classes.

(f)For out of state vacancies, the director may waive competitive appointment requirements and approve the noncompetitive appointment of an applicant who meets the minimum qualification requirements for the position.

7.21Repealed effective January 14, 1983, and incorporated into Chapter 17

7.22Consolidation of Lists

When an eligible list is established for a class of position for which an eligible list is already in existence, the existing list may be cancelled or merged with the new list, at the discretion of the Director. If the name of any individual appears on both the old and the new list, and the lists are merged, his standing on the new list shall be determined by his score on the more recent examination.

7.23Amendment of Lists

An eligible list may be amended by the addition of names of other successful applicants who are admitted to subsequent examinations, and the scores of individual names

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