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that appear on the amendment shall be merged in rank order with the scores of those on the original list.

7.24Removal of Name from Eligible List

(a)The Director may remove from any list the name of any person who is not qualified, is not available or is not suitable for appointment to the position for which the list was established.

(b)The names of persons who have been considered for appointment three times by any one or more appointing authorities and have not been offered employment, or who have expressed unwillingness to accept appointment, may at the discretion of the Director be removed from a list.

(c)The Director will establish expiration dates for Civil Service grades.

7.25Restoration to Eligible Lists after Removal

(a)The Director may restore the name of a person to an eligible list from which he was removed upon receipt of application for restoration and a showing that the causes for removal from the eligible list no longer exist or that an error was made in making the removal from the list.

(b)Subject to a determination by the Director as to his suitability for employment and subject to the provisions of Rule 7.24(c), a former employee who has acquired permanent or probationary status may have his name restored to the register of eligibles from which he was appointed if he applies for such restoration within one year from entry thereon and while the register is still in use.

7.26Duration of Eligible Lists

Each eligible list shall remain in effect until cancelled.

7.27Cancellation of Eligible Lists

The Director may cancel an eligible list, except a department preferred reemployment list, at such time that the list becomes unsatisfactory or undesirable because of the high percentage of unavailable eligibles on the list, changes in qualification standards, or for such other reasons as may be in the interest of good personnel administration.

7.28Repealed and Re-enacted effective January 1, 1963 as Rule 14.1.1(d)

Chapter 8 Certification and Appointment

Repeal Chapter 8 in its entirety and adopt Chapters 22 and 23.

8.1Methods of Filling Vacancies

Vacancies in the classified service may be filled by original appointment or by promotion, reassignment, demotion, transfer, reinstatement following an appeal, restoration to duty following military service, or noncompetitive reemployment.

8.2When it is proposed to fill a vacancy by original appointment, except restricted appointment, the appointing authority shall request the Director to certify the names of persons eligible for appointment, furnishing such information about the vacancy as may be necessary for the Director to make a determination as to those persons eligible for appointment.

8.2.1From the date of the gubernatorial first primary election through Inauguration Day, specific approval must be obtained from the Director prior to making a permanent appointment to any position at or above one of the following pay ranges: GS-23, AS-620, SS-419, PS-115, WS-218, TS-315, unless the position has already been designated as a Shortage job, under Rule 7.20(d).

8.3Anticipation of Need

Insofar as practicable, each vacancy shall be anticipated sufficiently in advance to permit the Director to determine who may be available for appointment and, if necessary, to establish a list of eligibles.

8.4Certification of Eligibles

(a)The Director, in issuing certificates, shall certify to the appointing authority the names of the highest ranking eligibles from the appropriate list for the class of the vacant position.

(b)The Director may establish zones of certification whereby eligibles residing in specific areas where the vacancies exist may be given preference over eligibles not residing in such areas.

(c)Repealed, effective November 14, 1990.

(d)The Director may establish a range of certifiable scores for certain jobs and, without issuing a certificate, permit competitive employment of applicants who have attained a score within that range.

(e)An applicant who has obtained a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an overall grade-point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher may be appointed probationally or by job appointment to any professional level job for which possession of the baccalaureate degree alone is sufficient to meet the Minimum Qualifications. An applicant may also be appointed under provisions of this rule to a job requiring experience beyond the baccalaureate degree when the job to which the applicant is appointed is a professional level journeyman or advanced journeyman job requiring up to but no more than three years of professional level experience beyond the degree.

In all cases, applicants appointed under this rule must meet the full Minimum Qualifications including the required degree plus any professional level experience required beyond the degree. However, applicants appointed under this rule do not need to take the Professional Entry Test (P.E.T.) or other written exam. They do not need a numerical score or need to have their names appear on a certificate.
When making an appointment under this rule, the hiring authority need only submit a personnel action form making a probational appointment and citing this rule as authority. For the appointment to be approved, the SF-1 must be accompanied by an official college transcript to verify the degree and 3.5 GPA and by an up-to-date application form (SF-10) to verify any required experience.


(f)Applicants who possess a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Certificate may be probationally appointed to any job using test series 1000 (Professional Accountant Test)

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