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I.EXECUTIVE ORDERS - page 253 / 359





253 / 359

1)a personnel action form (SF-1) citing Rule 8.4(f) as the authority
2)a current and complete application form (SF-10) to verify experience
3)an official transcript to verify required college semester hours in accounting
4)a copy of the CPA Certificate


8.5Selective Certification

(a)When requested and adequately justified by the appointing authority, the Director may selectively certify from an eligible list the names of eligibles who possess particular qualifications.

(b)In specific instances, and pursuant to and in conformity with an order of a court, commission, or agency of competent jurisdiction, the Director may make selective certification.

8.6Repealed, effective November 14, 1990

8.7Amended and re-enacted effective December 18, 1957 as a part of Rule 7.24

8.8Determination of Availability for Appointment

(a)The appointing authority or his agent shall determine the availability of the eligibles certified for appointment and shall submit to the Director written evidence of unavailability or failure to reply unless a selection is made from one of the eligibles within the five highest final grade groups.

(b)If a certified eligible indicates unavailability for appointment, or if he fails to reply to an availability inquiry within seven calendar days after mailing of notification, the appointing authority may consider his name as having been removed from the certificate.

8.9Appointment of Eligibles from Certificates

(a)In the filling of a single vacancy from a certificate of eligibles, the appointment must be made from one of the top five grade groups.

(b)A grade group shall be considered as a final grade with at least one available candidate. If a final grade does not have at least one available candidate, it shall not be considered a grade group.

(c)In the filling of multiple vacancies from a single certificate, appointments shall be made singly in succession. The first appointment shall be made from the top five grade groups. In the filling of each successive vacancy, an appointing authority may add one more grade group to the grade groups considered for the previous vacancy. When an appointment exhausts the eligibles from one of the grade groups, an appointing authority may add one additional grade group for consideration in the next appointment in addition to that previously authorized by this section.

(d)An appointing authority may consider as not available for appointment an individual who is a former permanent status classified employee who was been previously dismissed or who resigned to avoid dismissal.

(e)An appointing authority shall determine the effective date of the appointment, but in no case shall the effective date be prior to the time the appointee was eligible for appointment under this rule or prior to the time the appointee began work. An effective date later than four weeks following the expiration date of the certificate must

be approved by the Director.

8.10Restricted Appointment

(a)A restricted appointment, which is a temporary appointment or combination of appointments not to exceed a cumulative total of six months in a calendar year for any person, may be made by the appointing authority provided:

(1)It is used only for the following reasons: a) for work of a temporary nature; b) to substitute for another employee; c) pending filling the position in a regular manner, or, d) to address an emergency or work overload situation. An agency shall maintain written justification stating the reason for the temporary appointment. This rule is subject to Rules 17.16(b)4 and 17.26 concerning layoff-related restricted appointments.
(2)This type of appointment shall be made only when it is not possible or appropriate to use a provisional, job, or probational appointment.
(3)The appointing authority may set the pay of the employee at any rate in the range.
(4)The person appointed must meet the minimum qualifications of the Civil Service job specifications.
(5) - (7)REPEAL


(c)The Director may issue policy standards for the use of restricted appointments.

(d)An appointing authority may terminate a restricted appointment at any time.

(e)The Director may, at any time, cancel a restricted appointment and/or withdraw an agency's authority to make restricted appointments.

8.10.01Temporary Staffing Services Employee

(a)When work is required to be performed on a temporary basis and it is clearly evident that the work is essential to the efficiency of the agency, a temporary staffing services employee may be used, provided:

(1)Approval has been received from the appointing authority; and
(2)He/she shall be used only for the following: a) to replace an employee on leave, b) to fill a vacancy pending filling the position in a regular manner, or c) to address an emergency or work overload situation of short duration.
(3)The employment of any one individual in this category shall not extend beyond 680 work hours in a twelve-month period.
(4)The appointing authority shall maintain a tracking document of usage of individuals in this category which is certified by the appointing authority to prevent violation of Rule 8.10.01 and which is readily available for Civil Service audit as requested.

(b)Individual temporary staffing services employees may be used for any length of time up to 680 work hours in a twelve-month period; however, the Director or appointing authority may limit the duration of or cancel the usage of a temporary staffing services employee at any time.

(c)An extension over 680 work hours in a twelve-month period for an individual temporary staffing services employee shall not be allowed. If the appointing authority determines that a situation exists which requires the usage of temporary staffing services employees extending beyond the 680 work hours limit within a twelve-month period, other replacement individuals may be solicited from the temporary staffing services firm(s) on state contract.

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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