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An appointing authority may fill a vacancy by probational appointment, job appointment or promotion of a State Vocational Rehabilitation Services or Blind Services program client without the appointee’s attainment of any test scores normally required, provided the appointee meets the Minimum Qualifications of the job, and that the appointing authority documents that the appointee is a bona fide client of a State Vocational Rehabilitation Services or State Blind Services Program, is disabled to such an extent as to prohibit participation in the usual required tests, and is able to perform the duties of the position without hazard to self or others.

(b)The Director may exempt from testing requirements applicants for out-of-state vacancies filled by probational appointment, job appointment or promotion.

(c)An applicant who meets the Minimum Qualifications and has obtained a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an overall grade-point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher, as verified by official transcript, may be appointed by probational appointment or job appointment without taking any Director administered test normally required provided that the job to which he is appointed is a professional level job for which possession of the baccalaureate degree alone is sufficient to meet the Minimum Qualifications or a professional level job at the experienced or advanced level requiring up to, but not more than three years of professional level experience beyond the degree.

22.10Certificates of Eligibles

(a)For each vacancy which requires public announcement to fill, the Director shall create or authorize an appointing authority to create a certificate containing names of applicants who

1.Meet the Minimum Qualifications.
2.Have attained any test scores required by Civil Service.
3.Have applied by the closing date of the announcement.
4.Have met any other eligibility requirements established by the Director, by Civil Service rules or by law
5.Have met any other job-related selective certification requirements requested by the appointing
authority, approved by the Director and stated in the public vacancy announcement.
6.For promotions, are in the promotional zone approved by the Director and stated in the announcement.

(b)When the applicant is eligible for veteran’s preference points, these shall be noted on the certificate.

(c)The Director shall establish policies and procedures the appointing authority must follow when creating certificates including record keeping requirements.

(d)The appointing authority shall determine the effective date of the appointment from the certificate, but in no case shall the effective date be prior to the closing date of the announcement or prior to the time the employee began work.

(e)An appointing authority is not obligated to fill an announced vacancy

(f)The Director may impose more restrictive certification rules such as restricting hiring or promotion to particular score ranges in circumstances where he deems it to be in the best interests of the state.

22.10Mandatory Training Requirements

The Commission shall establish mandatory training for employees who occupy or are appointed to designated supervisory, managerial, or administrative jobs. Each department shall advise employees who occupy these jobs of the training requirements. Employees who fail to meet the required training within the specified period of time may be disciplined or removed in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Civil Service Rules.

22.11Withdrawal of Authority

The Director may withdraw from an appointing authority any authority the Director authorized under this chapter.

Explanation for Chapter 22

Chapter 22 incorporates the majority of the elements that were previously addressed in Chapter 7, with a few items from Chapter 8. Although there is not a clear one-to-one correlation between the Rules contained in the old and new chapters, the table below presents the references between the new Chapter 22 Rules and previous Rules with explanations of any significant changes under Comments.

New Rule


Old Rule Reference



Methods of Filling Vacancies


No substantial changes


Filling Vacancies Prior to a Statewide Election


Previously this rule encompassed the gubernatorial first primary election only and did not include jobs in the Medical Schedule which were designated as Shortage jobs.


Public Announcement of Job Vacancies

(a) 7.2 & 7.9(a)1

(b) New

(c) 7.9(a) 2.(a)

Requires posting of all vacancies with the exception of listed circumstances. This eliminates special non-competitive jobs listed in Rule 7.20 previously. The new rule also allows promotional zones as currently utilized.


Rejecting Applicants for Employment

7.5 (a) & (c)

Includes delegation to appointing authorities the ability to reject an applicant.

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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