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23.11Change in Duty Station

An appointing authority may change the duty station of a permanent employee from one geographical area to another. An appointing authority may change the duty station of a probationary employee from one geographical area to another in accordance with guidelines specified by the Director to ensure observance of appropriate competition requirements.

23.12Detail to Special Duty

(a)An appointing authority may assign an employee to a different position in the same department for up to one month without changing the employee’s classification or pay. After one month, the appointing authority shall detail or otherwise place the employee in the position in accordance with Civil Service Rules or return the employee to his or her regular position. Upon detail, pay shall be fixed in accordance with Civil Service Rule 6.11.

(b)No detail shall exceed one year without the Director’s prior approval. Written justification for all details for more than one month shall be kept by the agency. Justification shall be submitted with all details requiring the Director’s approval. This rule is subject to Rules 17.16(b) 4 and 17.26 concerning layoff related details.

(c)The Director may issue policy standards for use of details to special duty.

(d)An appointing authority may end a detail at any time.

(e)The Director may, at any time, cancel a detail to special duty and/or withdraw an agency’s authority to detail employees for longer than one month.

23.13Noncompetitive Reemployment Based on Prior State Service

(a)A former permanent employee may, within ten years from separation, be reemployed in any job for which he or she meets the Minimum Qualifications and which has the same or lower maximum salary as the current maximum for the job in which he had permanent status. Further, if the job in which an employee or former employee held permanent status undergoes a change in title, other than an upward reallocation of the position after the employee separated from it, or undergoes a change in Minimum Qualification provided there are no legal barriers, he shall not lose his reemployment eligibility for such position or lower position in the same job series. In this case eligibility remains, even if the maximum pay has moved upward. Further, he shall be eligible to be reemployed in any other job at the same or lower current maximum pay as the job to which his position changed in title, provided he meets the minimum qualification requirements.

(b)No former employee shall acquire eligibility for noncompetitive reemployment through service in a position from which he was dismissed or resigned to avoid dismissal or demoted for cause.

(c)No former employee shall possess eligibility for noncompetitive reemployment in the position of Director of the State Department of Civil Service

(d)The former employee may be required to provide proof or evidence of his or her prior employment before being eligible for reemployment under this rule.

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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