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Office of the Commissioner—Regulation Number 96―Prescribed Minimum Statutory Reserve Liability and

Nonforfeiture Standard for Preneed Life Insurance (LAC 37:XIII.Chapter 131)2193

Public Safety and Corrections

Corrections Services—Disciplinary Rules and Procedures for Adult Offenders (LAC 22:I.341-363)2194

Forfeiture of Good Time (LAC 22:I.333)2204

Searches of Employees (LAC 22:I.304)2205

State Uniform Construction Code Council—International Mechanical Code (LAC 55:VI.301)2205


Policy Services Division—Income Tax Credits for Wind or Solar Energy Systems (LAC: 61:I.1907)2205

Social Services

Office of Family Support—CCAP Provider Disqualifications (LAC 67:III.5113)2208

Wildlife and Fisheries

Wildlife and Fisheries Commission—Reef Fish Harvest Regulations (LAC 76:VII.335)2209


Agriculture and Forestry

Office of the Commissioner—Agritourism (LAC 7:XLV.101, 103, and 105)2212

Structural Pest Control Commission—Agritourism (LAC 7:XLV.101, 103, and 105)2214

Civil Service

Civil Service Commission—Civil Service Rules, Chapters 7, 8, 22, 23 and 242217

Economic Development

Louisiana Economic Development Corporation—Entertainment Workforce Training Award Program

(LAC 13:III.Chapter 19)2236

Office of the Secretary—Regional Awards and Matching Grant Awards Program (LAC 13:III.Chapter 17)2237

Office of the Secretary, Office of Business Development—Entertainment Workforce Training Award

Program (LAC 13:III.Chapter 19)2238


Board of Elementary and Secondary Education—Bulletin 118―Statewide Assessment Standards and

Practices―End-of Course Tests (EOCT) (LAC 28:CXI.1801, 1803, 1805, 1807, 1809, 1811, 1813,

1815, and 1817)2241

Bulletin 118—Statewide Assessment Standards and Practices—LEAP Alternate Assessment, Level 1

(LAC 28:CXI.Chapter 19)2247

Bulletin 118―Statewide Assessment Standards and Practices—Testing (LAC 28:CXI.305, 307, 309,

311, 312, 313, 315, 501, 701, 2011, 2701)2251

Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel—Math for Professionals

Certificate (LAC 28:CXXXI.348)2252

Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel—Mild/Moderate

(LAC 28:CXXXI.629)2253

Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel—Practitioner Licenses

(LAC 28:CXXXI.313)2254

Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel—Professional Level

Certificates (LAC 28:CXXXI.305 and 309)2255

Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel—The State as a Private

Provider (LAC 28:CXXXI.239)2256

Standing and Executive Committees (LAC 28:I501)2258

Board of Regents—Registration, License Applications; License Fees (LAC 28:IX.103 and 105)2259

Student Financial Assistance Assistance—Health Care Educator Loan Forgiveness Program

(LAC 28:IV.Chapter 16)2259

Scholarship/Grant Programs (LAC 28:IV.103, 301, 504, 701, 703, 803, 1001, 1401-1409,

1413-1417, 1705, and 1901)2263

Environmental Quality

Office of the Secretary, Legal Affairs Division—Dissolved Oxygen Criteria for Barataria and Terrebonne

Basins (LAC 33:IX.1105, 1113, and 1123)(WQ075)2272

Expedited Penalties for Asbestos and Lead (LAC 33:I.807)(OS081)2276


Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters—Examinations (LAC 46:301 and 311)2279

Board of Home Inspectors—Training, Testing, and Licensure (LAC 46:XL.119 and 120)2279

Crime Victims Reparations—Eligibility for Reparations (LAC 22:XIII.301 and 503)2282

Division of Administration, Office of Group Benefits—PPO and EPO Plans of Benefits—Documentation of Dependents (LAC 32:III:301and V:301)2283

Division of Administration, Racing Commission—Modern Therapeutic Measures (LAC 35:I.1721)2285

Shoes (LAC 35:V.6359)2286

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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