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have no known impact on family formation, stability, and autonomy as described in R.S. 49:972. The proposed adopted and amended Rule is set forth below.

Title 46


Part XL.  Home inspectors

§119.Education/Training and Testing; Initial Licensure; Waiver

A.Beginning January 1, 2000, initial applicants for licensure must pass an LSBHI approved licensing examination, regarding home inspection information, techniques, standards of practice, and code of ethics, except as provided under §119.F.

B.Beginning July 1, 2001, any person filing an initial application for licensure shall present evidence to the board that they have satisfactorily completed at least 120 hours of required home inspection instruction and training by training providers and instructors approved by the board.

1.Ninety hours of the required instruction and training shall be classroom hours of home inspection course work approved by the board. Satisfactory completion of course work includes attendance of the required 90 hours of classroom instruction and passage of all examinations on course contents.
2.Thirty hours of the required instruction and training shall be obtained in the field from a certified infield trainer approved by the board. The applicant shall be given credit hours for each hour of infield training attended in accordance with §120.
3.Prior to licensure, the applicant shall also attend 10 live home inspections with a qualified infield trainer at a residential structure where a fee is paid and a report is provided to a client. No more that two applicants may be trained during a live home inspection.

C.1.The 90 classroom hours of home inspection class work as set forth in §119.B.1 above, may only include a combination of any of the following methods of instruction:

a.live lectures by a certified home inspector instructor;
b.DVD, CD ROM, videotape, or other electronic means of video lecture, with a certified home inspector available during classroom hours for questioning and discussion;
c.in-classroom or remote demonstration of techniques; or
d.periodic, in-classroom testing.
2.No credit towards the 90 classroom hours shall be given for:
a.in-classroom study;
b.instruction received from an education provider not duly qualified by the board;
c.time spent listening to audiotapes; or
d.classroom time devoted to non-approved course materials.

D.Upon registering trainees for a 90 hour course, all qualified education providers shall:

1.notify the board of the date of the commencement of each 90 hour course of instruction of each trainee;
2.provide the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all trainees enrolled for that course;
3.keep records of attendance of each trainee enrolled in the 90 hour course to confirm satisfactory completion of the 90 required classroom hours of instruction;
4.provide the trainee with an education provider evaluation form approved by the board prior to final testing and completion of the 90 required classroom hours of instruction;
5.provide a final examination and/or multiple periodic examinations to the trainee covering course contents; and
6.provide a copy of certificates of completion to the board of only those trainees who have successfully completed the full 90 hours of classroom instruction.

E.Before the trainee can be certified as having completed the required 90 hours of classroom instruction, the trainee must have:

1.completed the 90 hours of classroom instruction within 180 days of commencement;
2.passed the final examination and/or all periodic examinations given by the educational provider; and
3.mailed a completed LHI Application Form to the board.

F.For initial licensure only, the above training and licensing examination requirements for initial licensure may be waived by the board through accumulated home inspection field experience as follows.

1.If an applicant demonstrates that he has been actively engaged in the business of conducting home inspections after January 1, 1995 for any consecutive 12 month period before January 1, 2000, a license can be issued without meeting the education/training and testing requirements. To be considered actively engaged, the applicant must provide proof of performing an average of five inspections per month during this 12 month period, which inspections meet or exceed the standards established in the law and in these rules. To be eligible, the following requirements must be met.
a.Application must be received before July 1, 2001.
b.A copy of a completed inspection report form for an inspection performed after January 1, 1995 and prior to January 1, 2000, bearing the signature of the applicant as the inspector of the home, to serve as proof that the applicant is entitled to the examination waiver, must be submitted with the application.
c.Upon request by the board, a list of inspections referred to in Paragraph C.1 and/or a list of the clients served, which lists must be certified under oath as performed by the applicant, must be submitted for examination by the board. The list(s) shall be considered confidential and not subject to disclosure.
d.All other requirements including continuing education for license renewal listed in §119 must be met.
2.For home inspectors beginning their business after January 1, 2000:
a.if initial application is received before July 1, 2001, all requirements of § 119.A above will apply;
b.if initial application is received after July 1, 2001, all requirements of § 119.A and B will apply;
c.all other requirements, including continuing education for license renewal listed in § 119 must be met.

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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