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EDUCATION (Continued)

Bulletin 128―Entrepreneurship Content Standards
Curriculum Framework, 469N, 1378R
Bulletin 741―Louisiana Handbook for School
Administrators, 607R, 1685N
Advanced placement, 1052N
Agricultural education, 1503N
Carnegie credit, 1052N, 2031R
General career and technical education, 477N, 1386R
Graduation requirements, 712N, 1607R
Military service credit, 1052N
PreGED skills option, 1054N, 2032R
Bulletin 741―Nonpublic―Louisiana Handbook for Nonpublic School Administrators, 229R, 609R, 1122N, 2099R
Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State
Certification of School Personnel, 1687N
Algebra I, 478N, 1386R
Committees, standing/executive, 2256N
Cooperative education, 106N, 869R
Educational technology, 1055N, 2033R
Foreign language special certificate PK-8, 233R
General/special education, 1056N, 2034R
Junior ROTC, 715R, 1610R
Math for professionals certificate, 2251N
Practitioner Teacher Program, 479N, 2253N
Professional level certificates, 233R, 716N, 1387R, 1610R, 2254N
ROTC instructor, 432N
Private provider, State as, 2255N
Special education certification, 2252N
Bulletin 904―Guidelines for Submission of a Charter
School Proposal, 480N, 1387R
Bulletin 1196—Louisiana Food and Nutrition Programs, Policies of Operation, 1504N
Bulletin 1943—Policies and Procedures for Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment, 1689N
Bulletin 1530—Louisiana's IEP Handbook for Students with Disabilities, 1505N
Bulletin 1566—Pupil Progression Policies and Procedures, 1507N
Bulletin 1706—Regulations for Implementation of the Children with Exceptionalities Act, 1059N, 2036R
Bulletin 1794―State Textbook Adoption Policy and
Procedure Manual, 64R
Bulletin 1929—Louisiana Accounting and Uniform
Governmental Handbook, 610R, 1387R

Regents, Board of

License applications, 2258N
License fees, 2258N
Registration, 2258N

Student Financial Assistance Commission

Student Financial Assistance, Office of
Bylaws of the advisory committee, 610R
Health Care Educator Loan Forgiveness Program, 1849ER, 2259N
Scholarship Grants Programs, 219ER, 487N, 574ER, 897N, 1388R, 1317R, 1853ER, 1884R, 2263N
Financial peril prevention, 234R

Tuition Trust Authority

Office of Student Financial Assistance
START Saving Program, 576ER, 899N, 1885R, 1995ER


Management and Finance, Office of

Information Services Division
Expanded web access to Public Records, 2314P
Water quality management plan updates, 2314P

Secretary, Office of the

Ambient air standards
Particulate matter, 433R
Toxic air pollutant, 1573P
Expedited penalty agreement, 377ER, 717N, 1310R
Motor fuels UST trust fund, 864R
Legal Affairs Division
2007 State Implementation Plan, 1969P
Asbestos and Lead Fees, 1933N
Air Permits, 1653N
Byproduct material medical use, 726N, 981R
Biosolids, 1028R
Centralized waste treatment facilities, 1258P, 1573P
Clean air interstate, 490N, 978R, 1288P
Control technology guidelines, 1764P
DMR submittal, 1126N, 1886R
Electronic document/signatures, 904, 1611R
Annual inventory data submittals, 559P
Evidentiary hearings on hazardous waste permit applications, 68R
Incorporation by reference-2007, 493N, 865R, 901N, 980R, 1390R
Permit applications, 107N
RCRA burden reduction, 736N, 991R
RCRA XVI, 279N, 614R, 753N, 1008R
RCRA XVIII authorization package, 1936N
Regulation revisions, 69R
Environmental quality, 1127N, 1887R
Expedited penalty agreement, 1393R, 2276N
Hazardous waste code, 1935N
IAEA transportation safety standards, 1657N, 2102R
Licenses, 779N, 1027R
Lyondell delisting, 905N, 1612R
Mercury risk reduction, 1670N
National source tracking system reporting system, 243R
Oxygen, Dissolved, criteria, 2272N
Performance testing, 1143N, 1903R
Radioactive material training, 1678N, 2121R
Regulatory permits, 772N
Sewage sludge, 1028R
Solid waste exemptions, 612R
Stage II vapor reduction, 1677N
UST systems, 1146N, 2115R
Waste treatment facilities
Comment period, 1971P


Louisiana  Register  Vol. 34,  No.10 October 20, 2008352

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