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KBB07-33 Bond Allocation―Industrial Development Board of the Parish of Jefferson Davis, LA, Inc., 1EO

KBB07-34―2007 Carry-Forward Bond AllocationLouisiana Housing Finance Agency, 2EO

KBB07-35―2007 Carry-Forward Bond AllocationLouisiana Public Facilities Authority, 2EO

KBB07-36―2007 Carry-Forward Bond AllocationLouisiana Housing Finance Agency, 3EO

KBB07-37―2007 Carry-Forward Bond Allocation― Calcasieu Parish Public Trust Authority, 3EO

BJ08-01―Executive Branch―Ethical Standards, 213EO

BJ08-02―Executive Department―Transparency, 213EO

BJ08-03―Executive Department―Limited Hiring Freeze, 214EO

BJ08-04―Louisiana Recovery Authority, 215EO

BJ08-05―Reassignment of Recreational Trails Program, 216EO

BJ08-06―Reassignment of Troops to Teachers Program, 216EO

BJ08-07―Activity and Permit Consistency with Louisiana's Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast, 216EO

BJ08-08―Executive Branch―Green Government, 217EO

BJ08-09―Bond Allocation to Louisiana Housing Finance Agency―Amend Executive Order No. KBB 07-34 Concerning Carry-Forward, 367EO

BJ08-10―Authorization for Chair of the State Mineral Board to Sign Certain Documents on Governor's Behalf, 367EO

BJ08-11―Additional 2007 Carry-Forward Bond Allocation Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, 368EO

BJ08-12―Department of Health and Hospitals―Assistance and Support to Metropolitan Human Services District, 369EO

BJ08-13—Notice of Policy and Purpose of the Office of Inspector General, 567 EO

BJ08-14—Capital Outlay Reform, 567 EO

BJ08-15—Gulf Opportunity Zone Bond Allocation Procedures Rescinding Executive order No. KBB 2006-09 and No. KBB 2006-27, 568 EO

BJ 08-16Advance Refunding Bond Allocation Procedures, 841EO

BJ 08-17Bond Allocation—Industrial Development Board of the City of New Orleans, Louisiana, Inc, 842EO

BJ 08-18Gulf OpportunityZone Advance Refunding Bond Allocation—Port of New Orleans, 960EO

BJ 08-19Procedures in Cases before Military Courts in the State of Louisiana, 960EO

BJ 08-21Statewide Abstinence Education, 1297EO

BJ 08-22Bond Allocation—Louisiana Community Development Authority, 1298EO

BJ 08-23Bond Allocation—Rapides Finance Authority, 1298EO

BJ 08-24Multi-Disciplinary Committee—Community Mental Health Centers, 1581EO

BJ 08-25Gulf Opportunity Zone Advance Refunding Bond Allocation—State of Louisiana, 1581EO

BJ 08-26Governor’s Military Advisory Board, 1582EO

BJ 08-27Flags at Half Staff, 1583EO

BJ 08-28Gulf Opportunity Zone Advance Refunding Bond Allocation—City of Plaquemine, 1584EO

BJ 08-29Cooperative Endeavor Agreements, 1584EO

BJ 08-30Accountability for Line Item Appropriations, 1585EO

BJ 08-31Call of Meetings of the State Mineral Board, 1779EO

BJ 08-32Emergency Operations Plan, 1779EO

BJ 08-33Office of Abstinence Education—Louisiana Abstinence Education Project—Governor's Program on Abstinence, 1784EO

BJ 08-34Office of Community Programs, 1785EO

BJ 08-35Hours of Service of Drivers of Gas and/or Electric Utility Service Vehicles, 1786EO

BJ 08-36Office of the First Lady, 1787EO

BJ 08-37Inmate Labor for Construction of a Non-Denominational Chapel at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in St. Gabriel, 1787EO

BJ 08-38Inmate Labor for Construction of Non-Denominational Chapels at B.B. "Sixty" Rayburn and Forcht-Wade Correctional Centers, 1788EO

BJ 08-39Inmate Labor for Construction of Animal Shelter Dixon Correctional Institute, 1788EO

BJ 08-40Continuation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Designation, 1788EO

BJ 08-41Solutions to Poverty, 1789 EO

BJ 08-42Maritime Advisory Task Force, 1790EO

BJ 08-43Interstate 49 South Feasibility and Funding Task Force, 1791EO

BJ 08-44Inmate Labor for Construction of a Non-Denominational Chapel at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in St. Gabriel, 1792EO

BJ 08-45Establishment of Unified Command Group and Subcommittees, 1793EO

BJ 08-46Drug Control and Violent Crime Policy Board, 1794EO

BJ 08-47Bond Allocation Procedures, 1795EO

BJ 08-48Louisiana Wild Caught Shrimp Industry Trade Action Advisory Council, 1798EO

BJ 08-49Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, 1799EO

BJ 08-50Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family, 1800EO

BJ 08-51Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority to Administer the Federal Deepwater Port Act for Louisiana, 1801EO

BJ 08-52E-Rate Oversight Committee, 1802EO

BJ 08-53Louisiana Federal Property Assistance Agency, 1803EO

BJ 08-54HUD Community Planning and Development Formula Grant Program, 1804EO

BJ 08-55Commandeering of Property Use—Lake Cataouatche Levee Enlargement, Parish of Jefferson, 1805EO

BJ 08-56Commandeering Property for Repair of the 17th Street Canal, 1806EO

BJ 08-57Commandeering of Property Use East of Harvey Floodwall—Phase 2B, 1806EO

BJ 08-58Commandeering of Property Use East of Harvey Canal Floodwall—Contract 1, 1807EO

Louisiana  Register  Vol. 34,  No.10 October 20, 2008

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