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BJ 08-59Commandeering of Property Use—East of Harvey Canal Floodwall—Contract 2A, 1808EO

BJ 08-60Commandeering of Property Use East of Harvey Canal Floodwall Contract 3A, 1808EO

BJ 08-61Inmate Labor for Construction of Animal Shelter B.B. "Sixty" Rayburn Correctional Center, 1809EO

BJ 08-62Louisiana Historical Records Advisory Board, 1809EO

BJ 08-63Governor's Advisory Council on Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities, 1811EO

BJ 08-64Rules and Policies on Leave for Unclassified Service, 1812EO

BJ 08-65Community Development Block Grant Funds, 1818EO

BJ 08-66The Hudson Initiative, 1818EO

BJ 08-67Small Purchase Procedures, 1818EO

BJ 08-68The Board of Parole, 1821EO

BJ 08-69State Employee Drug Testing Policy, 1822EO

BJ 08-70Governor's Task Force on DWI—Vehicular Homicide, 1823EO

BJ 08-71Louisiana Rehabilitation Council, 1824EO

BJ 08-72Louisiana Emergency Response Commission, 1826EO

BJ 08-73Louisiana Statewide Independent Living Council, 1827EO

BJ 08-74Governor's Advisory Council on Disability Affairs, 1828EO

BJ 08-75Louisiana D.A.R.E. Advisory Board, 1829EO

BJ 08-76Executive Department—Grants Portal, 1830EO

BJ 08-77Emergency Procedures for Conducting State Business, 1831EO

BJ 08-78DOTD Guidelines for Vehicles, Trucks and Loads, 1832EO

BJ 08-79Hours of Service of Drivers of Telecommunications, Water and/or Wastewater Utility Service Vehicles, 1833EO

BJ 08-80Temporary Housing of Displaced Youth, 1833EO

BJ 08-81Licensed Bed Capacity for Nursing Homes, 1834EO

BJ 08-82Use of State Vehicles to Transport Non-State Employees during Emergency, 1835EO

BJ 08-83Public Health Emergency, 1835EO

BJ 08-84Emergency Closure of Schools, 1836EO

BJ 08-85Postponement of Primary and Proposition Elections for Certain Parishes, 1837EO

BJ 08-86Suspension of Requirements for Special Officer Commissions, 1837EO

BJ 08-87Emergency Suspension of Certain Workers' Compensation Laws, 1838EO

BJ 08-88Emergency Authority for Call of Meetings of the State Mineral Board, 1839EO

BJ 08-89Rescheduling of the 2008 Primary, General and Proposition Elections Postponed by BJ 08-85, 1839EO

BJ 08-90Emergency Occupation of Hotels and Motels by Utility Restoration Personnel, 1840EO

BJ 08-91Emergency Suspension of Certain Unemployment Insurance Laws, 1841EO

BJ 08-92Emergency Suspension of Deadlines in Legal, Administrative, and Regulatory Proceedings, 1842EO

BJ 08-93Limited Transfer of Authority to Commissioner of Insurance for Emergency Rules for Hurricane Gustav, 1843EO

BJ 08-94Emergency Operations Plan—Amendment to Executive Order No. BJ 2008-32, 1844EO

BJ 08-95Hurricane Gustav Oyster Lease Damage Inspection, 1845EO

BJ 08-96Hurricanes Gustav and Ike—Escort Requirements for Oversize Vehicles, Trucks and Loads, 1981EO

BJ 08-97Hurricanes Gustav and Ike—Extension of Orders No. BJ 08-77, No. 08-78, No. 08-79, No. BJ 08-81, No. BJ 08-82, No. BJ 08-83, No. 08-86, and No. BJ 08-90, 1981EO

BJ 08-98Hurricanes Gustav and Ike—Louisiana Recovery Authority, 1982EO

BJ 08-99Hurricane Ike—Oyster Lease Inspection, 1982EO

BJ 08-100Hurricane Ike—Delay and Rescheduling of Elections in Cameron and Terrebonne Parishes, 1983EO

BJ 08-101Hurricane Ike—Delay and Rescheduling of Elections in Cameron and Terrebonne Parishes--Amended Executive Order No. BJ 08-100, 1984EO

BJ 08-102Emergency Authority for Transportation and Handling of Human Remains Disinterred as a Result of Hurricanes Gustav or Ike, 1984EO

BJ 08-103Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission—Amend Executive Order BJ 08-49, 1985EO


Administration, Division of

Facility Planning, Office of
Design-build method, 590ER, 781N, 2121R
Group Benefits, Office of
EPO and PPO plan of benefits
Ambulance services, 108N, 646R
Documentation of dependents, 2283N
Durable medical equipment, 109N, 646R
Eligible expenses, 1941N
Genetic testing, 110N, 647R
Medicare, 111N, 648R
PPO plan of benefits
Eligible expenses, 1941N
Physician assistants and registered nurse practitioners, 208P, 649R
Information Technology, Office of
OIT bulletins, 1769P, 2315P
Racing Commission
Equine veterinary practices, 5ER, 1158N
Pick N, 12ER, 869R
Shoes, 2286N
Therapeutic measures, 2285N
Timing of entering next claiming race, 496N
State Travel
General Travel PPM 49, 1299PPM
Architectural Examiners, Board of
Examination, 908N
Practical experience, 908N
Vacancies, 1861ER

Louisiana  Register  Vol. 34,  No.10 October 20, 2008354

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