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I.EXECUTIVE ORDERS - page 355 / 359





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Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission
Pumpage fees, 435R

Certified Public Accountants, Board of

Continuing professional education, 1939N
CPA certificate renewal, 1690N

Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice

Peace Officer Training, 1927R

Crime Victims Reparation Board

Reparations, eligibility, 2282N


Requirements, licenses, permits, 1942N

Elderly Affairs, Office of

State plan on aging, 910N

Financial Institutions, Office of

Banking Development Districts Program, 221ER
Compensatory benefit plan, 1165N, 2125R
Louisiana Trust Company, 384ER, 871R
Residential Mortgage Lending Act,
Expired License Reinstatement Procedure, 1932N
Third-party solicitor exemptions, 1166N, 2125R

Home Inspectors, Board of

Training, 780N, 1157N, 1926R, 2279N

Interior Design, Board of Examiners of

Interior Designers, 1152N, 1922R

Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice, Commission on

Peace officer training, 909N

Louisiana Recovery Authority

Board members, 1692N

Motor Vehicle Commission

Advertising, 74R

Patient's Compensation Fund

Qualified health care provider services, 1996ER

Real Estate Commission

Prohibitions, 911N, 1614R

Recreational and Used Motor Vehicle Commission

Recreational products trade show, 435R

Shorthand Reporters, Board of Examiners

Fees, 434R
Examinations, 2279N

Tax Appeals, Board of

Office move, 560P


Emergency Rule―Pain management clinics licensing standards, 204GR, 204GR


Chiropractic Examiners, Board of

Professional conduct/due process, 2287N

Dentistry, Board of

Examination, 782N

Emergency Response Network Board

Emergency Response Network, 118N, 386ER, 649R

Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners

General provisions and code of conduct, 499N, 833P
Licensure, 1863ER

Medical Examiners, Board of

Application, 1696N
Adjudication, 1625R, 1905R
Athletic trainers, 113N
Certification/practice, 786N, 1615R, 1697N
Licensure, 1697N

Medical Examiners, Board of (Continued)

Medical professionals/practice, 438R
Medicine dispensation, 1626R, 1905R
Physician assistants licensing, certification, and practice, 243R

Nursing, Board of

Continuing education, 440R
Licensure, denial or delay, 1948N
Optometry Examiners, Board of
Optometry regulations, 115N, 872R

Pharmacy, Board of

Controlled dangerous substances, 1167N, 2126R
Interns, 798N, 1408R
Pharmacies, 797N, 1408R

Physical Therapy Examiners, Board of

Licensure, 912N, 1201N, 1906R
Certification, 912N, 1201N, 1906R
Practice, 912N, 1201N, 1906R

Practical Nurse Examiners, Board of

Adjudication, 1208N, 1912R
Approved fees, 316N, 496N, 874R
Records protection, 1208N, 1912R

Public Health, Office of

Diseases, Genetic
Newborn heel stick screening, 442R
Neonatal screening, 13ER
Yellow fever prevention and control, 444R
Freshwater food products, 1221N, 2174R
Lead poisoning, 1511N, 2173R
Marine food products, 1221N, 2174R
Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant, 1289P, 2315P
Reporting requirements, 1510N, 2172R
Environmental Health, Center for
2007 annual beach report, 834P
General provisions, 133N, 651
Marine/freshwater animal food products, 444R
Maternal and Child Health Section
Public notice, 953N

Psychologists, Board of Examiners

Criminal records, 783N, 1405R

Secretary, Office of the

Aging and Adult Services, Office of
Home/Community Based Services Waiver
Adult day health care, 39ER, 120N, 1209N, 1324ER, 2161R
Direct support professionals wage enhancement, 251R
Displaced recipients, termination of services, 920N, 1320ER
Medical Assistance Program, 389ER
Elderly and disabled adults waiver, 391ER, 517N, 1029R
Adult day health care services, 519N, 1031R
Direct support professionals wage enhancement, 251R
Personal care services, long term
Louisiana personal options program, 1951N
Personal care workers wage enhancement, 253R

Louisiana  Register  Vol. 34,  No.10 October 20, 2008

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