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Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, Office of
Home/Community Based Services Waivers
Children's Choice
Direct support professionals wage enhancement, 250R
Displaced recipients, termination of services, 388ER, 920N, 1627R
New opportunities waiver
Direct support professionals wage enhancement, 252R
Supports waiver
Support coordination services, 40ER, 171N, 662R
Targeted case management, 40ER, 172N, 663R
Health Services Financing, Bureau of
Adult residential care, 1541N
Providers, 1513N
Adult day health care
Minimum licensing standards, 151N, 1229N, 2177R
Disproportionate share hospital payments
Distinct part psychiatric unit expansions, 15ER, 394ER, 918N, 963ER, 1627R
Federally mandated statutory hospitals, 2000ER
Mental health emergency room extensions, 577ER, 918N
Non-rural community hospitals, 1999ER, 2000ER
Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program
Dental services reimbursement, 223ER, 521N, 1032R
EarlySteps Reimbursement Rate Increase, 1865ER, 2289N
School-based health centers, 1419R
Facility need review
Bed approval criteria, 2000ER
Federally qualified health centers
Reimbursement methodology
Adjunct services payment, 16ER, 522N, 846ER, 1033R
Home Health Services
Extended nursing services, 144N, 224ER, 654R
Hospice payment rates, 441R
Emergency preparedness
Electronic reporting requirements, 1866ER
Disproportionate share hospital, 17ER, 145N
Small rural hospital reimbursement, 2001ER
Non-Rural/Non State
Children's specialty hospitals psychiatric units, 317N, 579ER, 875R
Community/federally mandated hospitals, 845ER, 1321ER, 1322ER, 1698N
Distinct part psychiatric unit expansions, 22ER, 579ER, 1224N, 1587ER, 1913R
Hemophilia blood products, 847ER, 1553N, 1589ER, 2176R
Reimbursement, 318N, 580ER, 876R, 1588ER
Supplemental payments, 23ER, 319N, 877R
Rehabilitation Services
Reimbursement Methodology, 1921R
State-owned hospitals, 1323ER, 1702N
Reimbursement, 2008ER
Small rural hospitals
Outpatient services, 853
Reimbursement, 848ER, 1699N, 2006ER
Medicaid eligibility
Disability Medicaid Program, 321N, 395ER, 878R
Family Opportunity Act Medicaid Program, 25ER, 849ER, 921N, 1628R, 1866ER, 2291N
Pregnant women, termination of presumptive eligibility, 168N, 658R
Presumptive eligibility for children, 26ER
Spousal impoverishment, 29ER, 581ER, 800N, 1409R
SSI related resources, 27ER, 582ER, 801N, 1410R
Transfers of assets, 30ER, 584ER, 803N, 1411R
Medical Transportation Program
Emergency aircraft transportation, 1867ER, 2292N
Emergency ambulance services, 322N, 586ER, 878R
Non-emergency ambulance services, 322N, 586ER, 878R
Mental Health Rehabilitation Program,1225N, 1913R
Moratorium on mental health rehabilitation providers, 168N, 396ER, 659R
Multi-systematic therapy, 850ER, 2002ER
Nursing Facilities
Evacuation and temporary sheltering costs, 224ER, 323N, 879R
Fair rental value, property tax, insurance incentive payments, 523N, 1033R
Minimum licensing standards, 1701N
Emergency preparedness, 32ER, 396ER, 812N, 964ER, 1917R
Resident personal fund accounts, 325N, 880R
Standards of payment, level of care determination, 393ER, 525N, 1031R
Nurses Aides
Medication attendant certification, 806N, 1413R
Pain management clinics, 35ER, 80R, 816N, 854ER, 1418R
Pharmacy Benefits Management Program
Antihemophilia drugs, 326N, 560P, 806R
Dispensing fee, 87R
Pregnant Women Extended Services
Dental services, 441R, 817N, 1419R
Professional Services Program
Adult immunizations, 527N, 1035R
Children's immunizations, 2293N
Physician services, 1628R
Adjunct services payment, 528N, 856ER, 1035R
Reimbursement methodology, 587ER, 923N
Provider accreditation, 1955N
Reimbursement, 327N, 588ER, 881R
Rural health clinic, 856ER, 1036R, 1704N, 2009ER
Adjunct service payment, 857ER

Louisiana  Register  Vol. 34,  No.10 October 20, 2008356

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