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c.shall have participated in alternate assessment;
d.shall have earned not more than 5 Carnegie units by age 17, not more than 10 Carnegie units by age 18, or not more than 15 Carnegie units by age 19;
e.students with Limited English Proficiency shall be considered eligible for the PreGED/Skills Option Program.
2.Enrollment is voluntary and requires parent/guardian consent.
3.Counseling is a required component of the program.
4.The program shall have both a PreGED/academic component and a skills/job training component. Traditional Carnegie credit course work may be offered but is not required. Districts are encouraged to work with local postsecondary institutions, youth-serving entities, and/or businesses in developing the skills component.
5.There shall be two pathways of study for the PreGED/Skills Options Program to be optional for the 08-09 school year and required for the 09-10 school session and beyond:
a.PreGED Pathway for students meeting the following criteria:
i.reading below the seventh grade level; and
ii.working toward a locally developed skills certificate or Industry-based skills certificate;
b.GED Pathway for students meeting the following criteria:
i.reading at or above the seventh grade level; and
ii.working toward attainment of an industry-based certification.
6.The pathways shall include a scripted curriculum, a job shadowing/job mentoring component, and the inclusion of the WorkKeys assessment for the GED Pathway students.
7.The PreGED/Skills Options Program shall be operated on a separate site from the regular high school program. Exceptions will be considered based on space availability, transportation or a unique issue.
8.Students who complete only the skills section will be given a Certificate of Skills Completion.
9.Students will count in the October 1 MFP count.
10.Students will be included in School Accountability.

C.While enrolled, they shall be required to take the ninth grade Iowa Test or alternate assessment. All programs will be considered Option 1 in accountability for alternative education purposes, and the score for every alternative education student at a given alternative school shall be returned to ("sent back") and included in the home-based school's School Performance Score (SPS).

NOTE:Refer to the Guidelines and Application Packet provided by the DOE for the requirements to establish a PreGED/Skills Option Program.

AUTHORITY NOTE:Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 17:100.5.

HISTORICAL NOTE:Promulgated by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, LR 31:1308 (June 2005), amended LR 34:2032 (October 2008).

Amy B. Westbrook, Ph.D.

Executive Director



Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel―Educational Technology Areas (LAC 28:CXXXI.665)

In accordance with R.S. 49:950 et seq., the Administrative Procedure Act, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted revisions to Bulletin 746Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel: §665. Educational Technology Areas. This revision will allow the issuance of online instructor as an add-on endorsement to a valid Louisiana teaching certificate. Access to online learning opportunities for K-12 students and teachers has grown rapidly across the nation in the past few years. Research has shown that these types of learning opportunities can play a significant role in adequately preparing students and teachers for the skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century. This certification area will focus on ways to further support high school redesign efforts, as well as to build the state's capacity for a pool of qualified and skilled teachers for online learning courses.

Title 28


Part CXXXI.  Bulletin 746―Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel

Chapter 6.Endorsements to Existing Certificates

Subchapter C.All Other Teaching Endorsement Areas

§665.Educational Technology Areas

A. - B.3.b....

C.Online Instruction

1.Eligibility requirements:
a.valid type B or level 2 Louisiana teaching certificate (requires three years of teaching experience) or equivalent out-of-state teaching certificate;
b.complete an online course or combination of online courses focused on the following topics:
i.best practices in online course delivery;
ii.facilitation skills that foster reflective discussions in an online learning environment;
iii.effective strategies for assessing learning in the online environment;
iv.techniques for using online tools to address student learning needs;
v.asynchronous discussion and online course-authoring tools;
vi.ethical and legal issues related to the use of online resources;
c.complete an online teaching intern experience (at least one semester in length) or successfully serve as an instructor/facilitator of an online course (at least six weeks in length).

AUTHORITY NOTE:Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 17:6 (A)(10), (11), (15); R.S. 17:7(6); R.S. 17:10; R.S. 17:22(6); R.S. 17:391.1-391.10; R.S. 17:411.

Louisiana Register   Vol. 34, No. 10   October 20, 2008

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