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A JVM version compatible with both Oracle Data Integrator and JCo must be used. A minimum version of JVM 1.5 is required JCo pre-requisite.

LKM SAP BW to Oracle (SQLLDR) requires a FTP server to upload data from the SAP BW system. This data is either read locally by the agent executing the interface (when this agent runs on the FTP server machine), or remotely (when this agent is located on a different machine than the FTP server). This FTP server must be accessible over the network from both the SAP BW machine and the agent machine. We recommend using an FTP server installed on the ODI agent machine instead of on a third machine. This allows using the FTP_TRANSFER_METHOD = NONE and optimizes performance.

SQL*Loader is required on the machine running the agent when executing interfaces using LKM SAP BW to Oracle (SQLLDR). SQL*Loader is used for loading data extracted from SAP to the Oracle Staging Area.

Gathering SAP Connection Information

In order to connect to the SAP BW system, you must request the following information from your SAP administrators:

SAP BW System IP Address or Hostname: IP address/ Hostname is the technical name given to the host on which SAP is running.

SAP User: SAP User is the unique user name given to a user for logging on the SAP System. SAP Password: Case-sensitive password used by the user to log in.

SAP Language: Code of the language used when logging in For example: EN for English, DE for German.

SAP Client Number: The three-digit number assigned to the self-contained unit which is called Client in SAP. A Client can be a training, development, testing or production client or represent different divisions in a large company.

SAP System Number: The two-digit number assigned to a SAP instance which is also called Web Application Server or WAS.

SAP System ID: The three-character, unique identifier of a SAP system in a landscape.

SAP SNC Connection Properties (optional) SAP Router String (optional): SAP is enhancing security through SNC and SAP router. It is used when these securities are implemented.

Note: All the connection data listed above (except SAP SNC Connection Properties and SAP Router String) are mandatory and should be requested from the SAP Administrators. You may consider requesting support during connection setup from your SAP administrators.

Getting the Right Privileges

The SAP Adapter requires privileges to perform set up and execution operations. Please provide your administrators with the list of privileges listed in the Getting the Right Privileges section of the Getting Started with SAP ABAP BW Adapter guide.

These privileges are required for the SAP user that they will provide you to login the SAP System.

Gathering FTP Connection Information

The SAP BW system will push data to a server using the FTP protocol. For later setup, collect the following information from your system administrator:

FTP server name or IP address

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