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    Create a File data server pointing to the FTP server into which the extraction file will be pushed from SAP and picked up from for SQL*Loader. Set the parameters for this data server as follows: Host (Data Server): FTP server IP host name or IP address. This hostname / IP address must be accessible both from SAP system and from ODI agent. User: Username to log into FTP server. Password: Password for the user.

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    In this File data server create a Physical Schema representing the folder in the FTP host where the extraction file will be pushed. Specify the Data and Work Schemas as follows: Data Schema: Path on the FTP server to upload or download extraction files from the remote location. This path is used when uploading extraction files from the SAP system into the FTP server. It is also used by the agent to download the extraction files. Note that this path must use slashes and must end with a slash character. Work Schema: <undefined> ; This path is left blank, as data files are never accessed directly from the FTP server's file system.

Please note that data files will be downloaded to the ODI Agent. The default directory for download is the system's temp directory. On UNIX this is usually /tmp and on Windows c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp. This directory can be overriden by setting redefining the KM option TEMP_DIR.

Log Files

During the RKM and LKM execution several log files are created. These log files may contain valuable details for troubleshooting.The list below describes the different log files and their usage:

KM / Phase



Execution Log of metadata retrieval


Information about first time installation of SAP RFC for RKM

LKM – Generation Time

Information about code generation for ABAP extractor.

LKM - Runtime

Information about installation of ABAP extractor.

LKM Runtime

Information about Delta Extraction

LKM – Runtime

SQLLDR log file

LKM – Runtime

OS std output during SQLLDR execution, may contain information, e.g. when SQLLDR is not

<System Temp D i r > / O D I _ B W _ L o g / S A P A b a p E x e c u t e O p e n T o o l _ < I n t e r f a c Id>_<SrcSet>.log e

Knowledge Modules Reference Guide


Default Log File Name

<System Temp Dir>/ODI BW Log/ODI <Interface Id>_<SrcSet>.genlog _ _ _

<System Temp Dir or local FTP dir>/ Z O D I _ < I n t e r f a c e I d > _ < S r c S e t > _ < C o n t e x t > . o u t

<System Temp Dir>/sap rkm bw <ODI Session Number>.log _ _ _

< S y s t e m T e m p D i r > / s a p _ r k m _ b w _ < O D I S e s s i Number>.log.opentool.log o n

<System Temp Dir>/ODI BW Log/ODI <Interface Id>_<SrcSet>.log _ _ _

<System Temp Dir or local FTP dir>/ ZODI <Interface Id> <SrcSet> <Context>.log




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