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Specific Requirements

The following requirements and restrictions apply for these Knowledge Modules:

  • 1.

    When using Teradata Utilities enabled KMs, the appropriate Teradata Utilities must be installed on the machine running the Oracle Data Integrator Agent.

  • 2.

    The server name of the Teradata Server defined in the Topology must match the Teradata connect string used for this server (without the COP_n postfix).

  • 3.

    It is recommended to install the Agent on a separate platform than the target Teradata host. The machine, where the Agent is installed should have a very large network bandwidth to the target Teradata server.

KM Optimizations for Teradata

The Oracle Data Integrator KMs include specific optimizations for Teradata. These optimizations are detailed below:

Primary Indexes and Statistics

Teradata performance heavily relies on primary indexes. The Teradata KMs support customized primary indexes (PI) for temporary and target tables. This applies to Teradata LKMs, IKMs and CKMs. The primary index for the temporary and target tables can be defined in these KMs using the PRIMARY_INDEX KM option, which takes the following values:

[PK]: The PI will be the primary key of each temporary or target table. This is the default value. [NOPI]: Do not specify primary index (Teradata 13.0 & above only). [UK]: The PI will be the update key of the interface. This is the default value.

  • o

    <Column list>: This is a free PI based on the comma-separated list of column names.

    • o

      <Empty string>: No primary index is specified. The Teradata engine will use the default rule

for the PI (first column of the temporary table).

Teradata MultiColumnStatistics should optionally be gathered for selected PI columns. This is controlled by COLLECT_STATS KM option, which is set to true by default."

Support for Teradata Utilities

Teradata Utilities (TTU) provide an efficient method for transferring data from and to the Teradata engine. When using a LKM or IKM supporting TTUs, it is possible to set the method for loading data using the TERADATA_UTILITY option.

This option takes the following values when pushing data to a Teradata target (IKM) or staging area (LKM): FASTLOAD: use Teradata FastLoad MLOAD: use Teradata MultiLoad TPUMP: use Teradata TPump TPT-LOAD: use Teradata Parallel Transporter (Load Operator) TPT-SQL-INSERT: use Teradata Parallel Transporter (SQL Insert Operator) This option takes the following values when pushing data FROM Teradata to a file: FEXP: use Teradata FastExport.

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