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Oracle Changed Data Capture Adapters


This section provides an introduction and the methodology to work with the Oracle Changed Data Capture Adapters version and above, as well as with Attunity Stream in order to integrate changes captured on legacy sources using Oracle Data Integrator.


Oracle Changed Data Capture Adapters offer log-based change data capture (CDC) for enterprise data sources such as CICS, VSAM, Tuxedo, IMS DB, and IMS TM. Captured changes are stored in a storage called Staging Area (which is different from the Oracle Data Integrator interfaces’ staging areas).

Attunity Stream is part of the Attunity Integration Suite (AIS) and provides the same features as the Oracle Changed Data Capture Adapters. In this section, we will refer to both products as Attunity Stream.

The Attunity Stream Staging Area contains the Change Tables used by Attunity Stream to store changes captured from the sources. It maintains the last position read by Oracle Data Integrator (This is the Attunity Stream Context, which is different from the Oracle Data Integrator Context concept) and starts at this point the next time a request from Oracle Data Integrator is received. The Change Tables are accessed through Attunity Stream Datasources.

The Attunity Stream concepts are mapped in Oracle Data Integrator as follows:

One Workspace within an Attunity Agent (or Daemon) listening on a port corresponds to one ODI Data Server. Within this Daemon, each Datasource (or Datasource/Owner pair) corresponds to one ODI Physical Schema. In each datasource, the Change Tables appear as ODI Datastores in an ODI model based on the Attunity technology.

Oracle CDC Knowledge Modules

The Oracle Data Integrator CDC Knowledge Module provides integration from Attunity Stream Staging Areas via a JDBC interface. It is able to:

Read Attunity Stream data from Attunity Stream Data Sources. Load this Attunity Stream data into an Oracle Data Integrator staging area. Handle the Attunity Stream Context to ensure consistent consumption of the changes read.

Using the data provided in the Attunity staging area, the Oracle CDC KM cleans the working environment (dropping temporary tables), determines and saves Attunity Stream Context information, loads the journalized data into the collect table and purges the loaded data from the journal.

ODI provides one Knowledge Module (KM) for handling Attunity Stream data:


Knowledge Module



LKM Attunity to SQL

Loads Attunity Stream data to any SQL compliant database used as a staging area.

Knowledge Modules Reference Guide


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