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Note: Although Attunity Stream is used to capture changes in source systems, it is used as a regular JDBC source (only an LKM is used). The Oracle Data Integrator journalizing framework (JKM) is not used for this technology.

Platform Support

The Oracle Data Integrator CDC knowledge module is certified on the following platforms and versions:

Oracle Change Data Capture Adapters version and higher. Attunity Stream version 5.0.1 and higher.

Installation and Configuration

In order to use the Attunity Stream technology, you must first install the drivers for Attunity Stream/Oracle Changed Data Capture Adapaters in the oracledi/drivers/ directory of your Oracle Data Integrator installation and restart ODI. The driver files include the following: Navutil.class, nvjdbc2.jar, nvapispy2.jar, nvlog2.jar.

For more information on installing Attunity Stream/Oracle Changed Data Capture Adapters, please refer to the Oracle® Application Server - Changed Data Capture Adapter Installation Guide.

Working with the Oracle CDC KM

The Oracle Data Integrator CDC KM enables read access to Attunity Stream captured changes. To use Attunity Stream data in your Oracle Data Integrator integration projects, you must:

  • 1.

    Define the Topology.

  • 2.

    Create an Attunity Stream model

  • 3.

    Set up the project

  • 4.

    Design an Interface using the Oracle Data Integrator CDC KM.

Defining the Topology

The steps to create the topology in Oracle Data Integrator, which are specific to projects using the Attunity Stream KM, are the following:

  • 1.

    Connect to your master repository using Topology Manager.

  • 2.

    If the Attunity technology is not in Topology Manager, import the Attunity technology using Synonym Insert-Update mode.

  • 3.

    Create a data server using the Attunity technology. This data server represents the server and workspace storing the Attunity Stream datasources. Set the parameters for this data server as follows:

JDBC Driver: com.attunity.jdbc.NvDriver

JDBC URL: jdbc:attconnect://<host name>:<port>/<workspace>[;AddDefaultSchema=1 ][;<parameter>=<value>]


The details of the JDBC URL are shown in the following table:


Name of the machine running the Attunity daemon


Port that the daemon listens to

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