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Oracle E-Business Suite


This section provides an introduction and the methodology to work with the E-Business Suite Knowledge Modules in Oracle Data Integrator.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a suite of integrated software applications that provides a complete solution to the business needs of Oracle customers.

E-Business Suite Knowledge Modules

Oracle Data Integrator Knowledge Modules for E-Business Suite provide comprehensive, bidirectional connectivity between Oracle Data Integrator and E-Business Suite, which enables you to extract and load data. The Knowledge Modules support all modules of E-Business Suite and provide bidirectional connectivity through EBS objects tables/views and interface tables. The EBS Knowledge Modules provide support for the following capabilities:

Data extract from EBS: Standard Oracle or SQL LKMs can be used to extract data from E-Business suite using objects such as Tables, Views, and KeyFlexfields

Reverse-engineering EBS objects: RKM E-Business Suite can be used to reverse-engineer E- Business Suite data structures

Data integration to EBS: IKM E-Business Suite can be used to integrate data to E-Business Suite using OpenInterface tables. The “OpenInterface” API encapsulates a number of Oracle-specific interfaces and ensures data integrity. An OpenInterface is made up of:

  • o

    Several Interface tables to be loaded. These tables are the incoming data entry points for E- Business Suite.

    • o

      Several programs that validate and process the insertion of the data from the interface tables into E-Business Suite.

Oracle Data Integrator Knowledge Modules for Oracle E-Business Suite interact with the database tier to extract metadata and load data. While loading data, it also interacts with the Concurrent Processing Server of the application tier.

Oracle Data Integrator provides two Knowledge Modules (KMs) for handling E-Business Suite data:


Knowledge Module


IKM E-Business Suite (Open Interface)


The IKM E-Business Suite is used to load data to EBS interface tables and submit Concurrent request (which loads from interface tables to base tables).

This Integration Knowledge Module:

Integrates data from any source to Interface Tables in incremental update mode. Enables data control: invalid data is isolated in the Error Table and can be recycled.

In addition to loading the interface tables, it provides the following optional actions:

Create a Group ID for the first interface in a batch.

Knowledge Modules Reference Guide


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