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Use this Group ID in subsequent interfaces. Delete this Group ID when loading the last table in the batch. Execute an OpenInterface program if at any point in a batch it is required to call an E-Business Suite Interface porgram and once all required intreface tables have been loaded.

Note: The IKM E-Business Suite (Open Interface) KM must only be used to load interface tables. Writing directly in the E-Business Suite physical tables is not supported.

Reverse- Engineer

RKM E-Business Suite

This KM reverse-enginneers E-Business Suite data structures. It reverses EBS objects such as tables, views, flexfields and interface-tables structures in E-Business Suite (columns, primary keys and foreign keys).

Platform Support

The Oracle Data Integrator E-Business Suite Knowledge Modules are certified on the following platforms and versions:

E-Business Suite 11i E-Business Suite 12

Installation and Configuration

There is no specific Oracle Data Integrator configuration for using the E-Business Suite KMs.

Working with EBS KMs

The Oracle Data Integrator E-Business Suite KMs enable read and write access to E-Business Suite Data, stored in an Oracle Database.

To use Oracle Data Integrator E-Business Suite with the Oracle Data Integrator E-Business Suite KMs:

  • 1.

    Define the Topology

  • 2.

    Set up the Project

  • 3.

    Perform an E-Business Suite Reverse-Engineering

  • 4.

    Use E-Business Suite datastores as sources or targets in an integration interface

Defining the Topology

The steps to create the topology in Oracle Data Integrator, which are specific to projects using E-Business Suite KMs, are the following:

  • 1.

    Connect to your master repository using Topology Manager.

  • 2.

    Create a data server, based on the Oracle technology. This data server represents the Oracle instance that contains the E-Business Suite data.

  • 3.

    Create a physical schema under this data server. This schema is the Oracle schema that contains the synonyms pointing to the E-Business Suite tables.

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