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Note: The physical schema must represent the Oracle schema containing the synonyms pointing to the E-Business Suite tables. This schema is usually called APPS. It must not point directly to the Oracle schemas containing the Application physical tables. These are usually named after the related applications.

Note: For reverse-engineering, the Oracle user specified in the data server to which the Physical Schema is attached, must have the privileges to select from APPLSYS tables

4. Create a logical schema for this physical schema in the appropriate context.

Note: The Oracle schema containing the E-Business Suite tables and the Oracle schema containing the synonyms that point to these tables should never be defined as a Work Schema in a physical schema definition. Moreover, these Oracle schemas must not be used as staging area for an interface.

For more details on creating the topology in Oracle Data Integrator please refer to the Oracle Data Integrator User’s Guide.

Setting up the Project

Import the following KMs into your Oracle Data Integrator project, if they are not already in your project: IKM E-Business Suite (Open Interface) RKM E-Business Suite

Import in addition the standard Oracle LKMs and CKM to perform data extraction and data quality checks with an Oracle database. See the Oracle Database section of this guide for a list of available KMs.

For more information about importing a KM, please refer to the Oracle Data Integrator User’s Guide.

Reverse-Engineering E-Business Suite Tables

The RKM E-Business Suite is able to reverse-engineer the installed E-Business Suite tables, enriching them with information retrieved from the E-Business Suite repository.

The reverse-engineering process returns the following information: The installed E-Business Suite (Modules) as sub-models

For each module sub-model, there will be sub-models for Tables, Views, Flexfields, and Interface Tables

The tables and columns, as well as the primary and foreign keys in the datastores Comments on the reversed tables To perform an E-Business Suite Reverse-Engineering:

  • 1.

    Create a model based on the Oracle Technology, and on the logical schema created when configuring an E-Business Suite Connection.

  • 2.

    In this Model, select the Reverse tab and:

    • 1.

      Select Customized

    • 2.

      Select the RKM E-Business Suite from the KM list.

    • 3.

      Set the RKM options as follows: (See the Knowledge Module Options Reference section for more details and take into account the limits of the RKM E-Business Suite). Applications List: Enter the list of the applications’ short name, for example ‘INV’

Knowledge Modules Reference Guide


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