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Oracle GoldenGate


This chapter provides an introduction and the methodology to work with Oracle GoldenGate in order to capture changes on source transactional systems and replicate them in a staging server for consumption by Oracle Data Integrator interfaces.

Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) product offers solutions that provide key business applications with continuous availability and real-time information. It provides guaranteed capture, routing, transformation and delivery across heterogeneous databases and environments in real-time.

Using the Oracle GoldenGate knowledge module requires that you know and understand Oracle GoldenGate concepts and architecture. See the Oracle GoldenGate Documentation on OTN for more information.

Overview of the GoldenGate CDC Process

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) uses Oracle GoldenGate to replicate online data from a source Oracle database to a staging Oracle database. This staging database contains a copy of the source tables and the ODI Changed Data Capture (CDC) infrastructure, both loaded using Oracle GoldenGate.

Setting up CDC with GoldenGate is done using the following process:

  • 1.

    A replica of the source tables is created in the staging database, using, for example, the Oracle Data Integrator Common Format Designer feature.

  • 2.

    Oracle Data Integrator Changed Data Capture (CDC) is activated on these replicated tables using the JKM Oracle to Oracle Consistent (OGG). Starting the journals creates Oracle GoldenGate configuration files and sets up a CDC infrastructure in the staging database. Note that no active process is started for capturing source data at that stage.

  • 3.

    Using the generated configuration files, an Oracle GoldenGate Extract process is configured and started to capture changes from the source database, and corresponding Replicat processes are configured and started to replicate these changes into the staging database. Changes are replicated into both the replicated source table and the CDC infrastructure. GoldenGate can optionally be configured to perform the initial load of the source data into the staging tables.

  • 4.

    ODI interfaces can source from the replicated tables and use captured changes seamlessly within any ODI scenario.

Knowledge Modules

Oracle Data Integrator uses Oracle GoldenGate to replicate online data from a source to a staging database. Oracle Data Integrator provides the JKM Oracle to Oracle Consistent (OGG) to accomplish this task.

This JKM: Creates and manages the ODI CDC framework infrastructure

Generates the parameter files to setup the Oracle GoldenGate capture (Extract) and Delivery (Replicat) processes

Provides extra steps to check the configuration of the source database and proposes tips to correct the configuration

Generates a readme file explaining how to complete the setup

Knowledge Modules Reference Guide


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