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Installation and Configuration

Before performing any installation you should read the system requirements and certification documentation to ensure that your environment meets the minimum installation requirements for the products you are installing.

System Requirements and Certifications

The Oracle GoldenGate knowledge module is certified on the following platforms and versions:

Oracle Data Integrator 10gR3 ( and above Oracle GoldenGate version V10.4.0.x and above Refer to the Oracle GoldenGate documentation on OTN for source/staging database version platform support

Technology-Specific Requirements

In order to run the Extract and Replicat processes, Oracle GoldenGate must be installed on both the source and staging servers. Installing Oracle GoldenGate installs all of the components required to run and manage GoldenGate processes.

Oracle GoldenGate Manager Process must be running on each system before Extract or Replicat can be started, and must remain running during their execution for resource management.

Oracle GoldenGate has specific requirement and installation instructions that must be performed before starting the Extract and Replicat processes configured with the Oracle GoldenGate JKM. Refer to the Oracle GoldenGate Documentation on OTN for more information.

Working with the Oracle GoldenGate JKM

To use the JKM Oracle to Oracle Consistent (OGG) in your Oracle Data Integrator integration projects, you must:

  • 1.

    Define the Staging Server in the Topology

  • 2.

    Create the Replicated Tables

  • 3.

    Set up the Project

  • 4.

    Configure CDC for the Replicated Tables

  • 5.

    Configure and Start Oracle GoldenGate Processes

  • 6.

    Design interfaces using Replicated Data

Defining the Topology

This step consists in declaring in Oracle Data Integrator the data server and physical/logical schemas that will be used to store the replicated tables and the CDC infrastructure.

Creating such a data server is similar to creating an Oracle data server, physical schema and logical schema in the topology. See “Using Oracle Data Integrator with Oraclein the Oracle Data Integrator 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) User's Guide for more information.

Note: The physical schema defined in the staging server will contain in the data schema the changed records captured and replicated by the Oracle GoldenGate processes. The work schema will be used to store the ODI CDC infrastructure.

Creating the Replicated Tables

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