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Finally Running on the staging server the OBEY file generated by the JKM for the starting the Replicat processes, using the ggsci command line.

See the Oracle GoldenGate documentation on OTN for more information on OBEY files, the ggsci and defgen utilities.

Designing Interfaces using Replicated Data

You can use the data in the replicated data as a source in your integration interfaces. This process is similar to using a source datastore journalized in consistent set mode. See “Using Changed Data: Consistent Set Journalizing” in the Oracle Data Integrator 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) User's Guide for more information.

Advanced Configuration

This section includes the following advanced configuration topics: Initial Load Method Tuning Replication Performances One Source Multiple Staging Configuration

Initial Load Method

The staging tables contain a replica of the structure and data from the source tables. The Oracle GoldenGate processes capture changes on the source tables and apply them to the target. Yet the staging tables must be initially loaded with the original content of the source tables. You can use the following methods to perform the initial load:

Using Oracle GoldenGate: A specific GoldenGate process loads the whole content of the source tables into the staging tables.

Using Oracle Data Integrator: the Generate Interfaces IN option of Oracle Data Integrator’s Common Format Designer. This method using ODI interfaces to transfer the data.

Using database backup/restore tools to copy data and structures.

Tuning Replication Performances

The following KM options can be used to run replication performances:

COMPATIBLE: This Oracle-specific option affects the use of the PURGE key word and the way statistics (using DBMS_STATS or ANALYZE) are collected. Set this value to the database version of your staging server.

NB_APPLY_PROCESS: Number of Oracle GoldenGate Apply processes created on the staging server.

TRAIL_FILE_SIZE: Size of the Oracle GoldenGate trail file in Megabytes.

For the NB_APPLY_PROCESS and TRAIL_FILE_SIZE paramters, see the Oracle GoldenGate Documentation on OTN for more information on performance tuning.

One Source Multiple Staging Configuration

It is possible to set up a configuration where changes are captured on a single source and replicated to several staging servers. The example below illustrates how to set this up in a typical configuration.

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