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IKM Oracle AW Incremental Update This KM is similar to the IKM Oracle Incremental Update. It has four additional options for handling MOLAP cubes:

AW_NAME: Indicate the name of the Analytical Workspace AW_OWNER: Indicate the name of the Analytical Workspace owner CUBE_NAME: Indicate the name of the cube REFRESH_CUBE: Set this option to YES to refresh the cube for an Analytical Workspace.

Platform Support

The Oracle Data Integrator Oracle OLAP knowledge modules are certified on the following platforms and versions:

Oracle 10gR2 and higher

Installation and Configuration

The RKM Oracle OLAP (Jython) uses the AWXML.jar API during its reverse-engineering process. This API is provided by Oracle. Copy the AWXML.jar file from the ORACLE_HOME/olap/api/lib folder into your oracledi/drivers folder, and restart ODI.

Note: The AWXML.jar file is also available for download on the Oracle web site.

Working with Oracle OLAP KMs

You can use the Oracle Data Integrator Oracle OLAP KMs like the standard Oracle KMs. The Oracle OLAP KM specific steps are detailed in the following sections.

Setting up the Project

Import the following KMs into your Oracle Data Integrator project, if they are not already in your project:

IKM Oracle AW Incremental Update RKM Oracle OLAP (Jython)

For more information about importing a KM, please refer to the Oracle Data Integrator User’s Guide.

Reverse-Engineering Oracle Tables used by a OLAP Cube

The RKM Oracle OLAP (Jython) is able to reverse-engineer Oracle tables stored in the physical schema defined in the topology which are used by an Oracle OLAP Cube. This RKM retrieves the tables, views, columns and constraints when existing.

To perform an Oracle OLAP Reverse-Engineering:

1. Create a model based on the Oracle Technology, and on the logical schema created when configuring the Oracle OLAP Connection.

  • 2.

    In this Model, select the Reverse tab and:

  • 1.

    Select Customized

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