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Knowledge Module



IKM File to SalesForce (Upsert)

Integrates data from a file to SalesForce in insert/update mode.


IKM SalesForce to File (with filter)

Retrieves data from SalesForce to a file using a filter


IKM SalesForce to File (without filter)

Retrieves data from SalesForce to a file without using a filter

Reverse- Engineer

RKM Salesforce.com

Reverse engineering Knowledge Module to retrieve the tables, views, system tables and columns from Sales Force.

Knowledge Modules


Specific Requirements

Knowledge Modules for SalesForce require the Sforce 6.0 Java QuickStart and the AppExchange Data Loader utilities.

You can follow the following procedure to install these components:

  • Sforce 6.0 Java QuickStart: Download this package and copy the quickstart.jar file into the /drivers directory of Oracle Data Integrator.

  • AppExchange Data Loader: This utility is used to perform bulk loading from and to Salesforce. It should be installed on the machine where the agent executing Salesforce scenarios runs.

Both these components can be downloaded from Salesforce.com. See their respective documentations for more information.

Note: Oracle Data integrator does not use the JDBC/ODBC drivers. You do not need to provide the JDBC Driver and URL in your Topology.

The following restrictions apply when using these Knowledge Modules:

  • 1.

    The reverse-engineering uses the Sforce 6.0 Java QuickStart component that requires a specific version of the JVM to run. Make sure that you use the appropriate JVM.

  • 2.

    The SalesForce schema cannot be used as a staging area.

  • 3.

    Data integration from and to SalesForce is performed through files. These files should be defined in a File model as comma-delimited file datastores with a 1 line header containing the field names. This header is used by the KM to identify these fields. You can for example drag and drop datastores from the SalesForce model to the File model while keeping the <CTRL> key pressed to quickly copy SalesForce datastores as file datastores.

  • 4.

    To load data into SalesForce, you must load the file model first, using one interface, and then load the target SalesForce system using the "IKM File to SalesForce (Upsert)". This IKM manages insert and updates to the SalesForce system.

Knowledge Modules Reference Guide


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